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Monday, July 15, 2013

What a Busy Week

Mack had a doctors appointment this week.  No new news to share-we just keep on going!  To help out, my parents took Avery to the lake with her cousin Lucie.  They had way too much fun bonding and getting everything they wanted (we've had to do some adjustment getting her back:))

With Avery being gone, our house was very quiet.  Then Nanny offered to take Lincoln over night so we could get up in the morning and take Mack.  This left us with one kid!  Two was easy and one was strange.  We let Mack stay up and watch a movie and eat popcorn.  He LOVED all the extra time with us.  All three kids got special time with special people.

Because Mack stayed up so late, he was very tired after our day in St. Louis.  It's a lot for a two year old to drive there, sit for 3 hours, and drive home. 

Avery ended up staying most of the week...

Then on Thursday, the boys and I headed down to meet her.  We missed her so much!

It was a weekend full of family! My brother and his other kids came down and we met up with Mark's side of the family!
This was such a fun opportunity for us. Friday, we spent the afternoon at the pool swimming and eating lunch.
My parents put in new stairs off the dock so now Cooper won't stay out!
They enjoyed snow cones in the evening.
Then on Saturday we joined up with cousins and family to go to a fun place for the kids!

Everyone was really excited to be in the sand-especially Aunt Heidi!

Avery and Lincoln enjoyed some fishing. 

We came home for one day and now we are back enjoying some more time and letting the kids play with their cousins! Our summer will be over before we know it, so we are trying to take advantage!!

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