Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Friday, October 19, 2012

What Else Do You Do On a Cold Day?

Today was a cold, rainy day. We are leaving later this afternoon to attend a Cardinal playoff game and take family pictures-which equals early naps. 

I noticed at school Avery really enjoyed painting glue on objects and sticking them onto things.  So I looked up how to make homemade glue.  It's SO easy that I had to share...
Ready to help!

You need a glass jar...

flour, salt and water.

Bring water and salt to a boil and then put ten pinches of flour into pot-whisking the whole time.

Then added it to the jar and placed into refrigerator to cool.

While the glue was cooling we bundled up and went on a search for leaves-since we have been working with leaves and they would be easy to paint.

 This activity was perfect for both kids.  Av loved to take her time adding detail to each leaf and Mack loved painting the glue on everything.  The pictures are cool and will be displayed in our home.  Just had to share this one-it lasted for over an hour (that is why I am able to blog)!  That's huge on days we can't go outside all morning.'s time to gear up for the CARDS GAME!!!!!!  I am teaching them to say, "here we go Cardinals, here we go, whoot whoo!"  Avery said she needs more Cardinal things in her room-that's our girl!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Food at it's Finest

Everyday is a new day.  Some days we are using cloth diapers and some days we are making homemade baby food.  I love making baby food, but my time is limited.  Thanks to the new Baby Bullet I am able to make whatever we have around.  In the past I have used a blender and a hand held blender-I thought I was set until I received this new awesomeness!

I went to the store the other day to try and find some baby food I could just have on the shelve for when we go's really hard to find food that has food plus water!  When I read about the "filler" that were put in the food, I didn't believe it! Could that really be in our babies food?  I have fed these to my other babies!  Guess what?  It was.

When it comes down to it-it takes the extra time you would go to the store to buy baby food.  When we make sweet potatoes, I bake an extra to throw in our bullet...that makes about five days worth of food.  I had two acorn squash that I couldn't find the time to cook, so I baked them and then peeled the skins off and Lincoln loves them-this has been about two weeks worth of food.  Avocados are his new favorite and bananas are always a hit and always around.  So CHEAP!!!!!

I feel like I'm preaching...sorry!  I'm just excited to share such a fun part of my children's lives and I want to show how easy it is.  I have three kiddos, work and love to have a life...yet, I can find that little time to make his food. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Baby is on the Move happened! Just like all the other firsts, our baby has learned to crawl. I am super excited, but wow slow down. If this is it, then slow down! It is hard to get out of my head that he is our last! This is the last time we will see EVERYTHING. I love milestones-don't you?

I am ready for what our future brings. Being a teacher lets me see all the amazing things we are going to encounter during our children's lives.  I hope we get to a point where we are okay with having this be the last of everything.

This little man is nothing but the sweetest thing you could ever imagine!

A Day Being a Princess?!?

Mark, Avery and myself are in two weddings this month! One was last weekend and Avery was a flower girl. This was perfect because she was excited to be a princess in her princess dress. It was our really good (great) friend's wedding and Avery was part of the whole thing. On Thursday, we both went and got our nails done-love having a girl I can do this with.
She was a trooper and helped get her flowers ready for the wedding.  Then she let our friend do her hair.  She sat the entire time and loved it!

Then we headed for the event where she had to perform without a nap.  She didn't go down when she was supposed to, but she went down right after me and yelled, "now mommy?" and threw all her petals out as she walked.

Granted, she was treated to a lot of treats, but she did amazing!  She keeps talking about being in her princess dress.  Lucky her, she gets to do it a few weeks at her Aunt and Uncles wedding!

Congratulations Celine and Mike-we love you!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Happening Again!!!!!

Something funny has been happening around our house...
Little Mack has been going on the potty!!!!
Avery was so easy to potty train and did it at about 2 years and 4 months.  I heard, and agreed that I was lucky.  I wasn't even going to introduce it to Mack until after the holidays, but he was interested, so we put gold fish in the potty to let him have some fun...

Then his big sis stepped in!  He wanted to go all the time and was actually going.  Mark had him out last weeked and he asked to go and went.  Now every morning he goes, and then goes before bed.  I want to keep him this way with so much coming up.  Potty Training was the last thing on my mind and my mom said to wait for the number 2's to be more regular.  Well, tonight Avery and Mack were playing upstairs and started cheering, "Mack went Poop!"  I simply said, "no way." and headed upstairs.
Sure enough he was taking his potty to the big potty and there it was.  Not sure where to go from here because we don't have the time to take this on yet, so we might be letting this keep happening until we can take him and get his Big Boy Undies!
Avery loves having a real live baby to take care of.  She takes his diaper off and all!  I love these two!  We shall see where this leads us...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Day of NEED

We have been too busy! This is a crazy time of our lives-we love all the excitement, but it can get to you at times. I work part time and have the privilege of being with my babies a lot.  Lately, I have been spending my time cleaning the house or getting ready for other things...not being the mom I should be! On Friday, the day before our friend's wedding, I stopped and needed a day that was completely devoted to my babies!

This day was spent making beds on the floor...

Making home made popcorn from our organic popcorn kernels...

Unfortunately, we were too busy having fun on Friday and I didn't get any pictures of Lincoln when he was awake.  It was such a great day with my babies and a day I need to remember.  When life gets this crazy, I have to remember they are what matters-Mark and I are what matters!!!!  It's so hard to get wrapped up in life.  This is why I work part time-not to clean the house and get "chores" done.  I will never get these days back and I haven't realized it until I have been this busy.