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Monday, July 29, 2013

Swimming With Avery and More

I am a little pushy with swimming and my kids (minus Mack).  Not only is it so important for them to be independent in the water, but it was my life through college.  I started swimming the length of the pool when I was three years old.  We have been so busy with life and medical things that the lessons have been on the back burner.  Both Avery and Mack started lessons before Mack got sick, but had to stop.
Then I received information about lessons taught from the head couch of the Mizzou swim team.  It turned out to be their son and Avery is the only one in the lessons.  It was rough the first two days (she cried and threw up)!!  She has only had five lessons and is already swimming on her own (with no water wings), goes to the bottom of the pool, and is learning the basic freestyle stroke.  I couldn't be more proud then my little girl!  I can't wait to have them all in lessons next summer with this family!  I also can't wait to have time alone with Avery in the water.

The pool we go to can be very busy and when I'm alone with all three of them, I don't trust the life guards.  She has been wearing water wings for my piece of mind!  We will soon try to push her to not use them and be dependent on them.  It has helped with her love of the water.  I think she feels more comfortable-now I can't get any of them to leave!

In other new...the weather!  Holy moly!  Anyone from around here understands the misery of summer when temperatures are in the 100's!  Not this summer-we only have had a few warm days.  This past week, it's been in the 70's.  This has made it hard to not be outside.  Not only at the pool, but at the park.  One night we packed up our dinner and headed to the park.  Mark and I had fun playing with our kids and enjoying them interact.

Then we came home to make rice crispy treats for their cousin Cohan :)!
We hope everyone is enjoying some wonderful weather!

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