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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From the Beginning-Disney

It's strange to not be thinking about our trip to Florida!
color coded snacks
 I spent so much time thinking, reading and planning for our long journey to Disney World.  It's not easy to travel with three young kids, but I knew a road trip would be easier than a trip across the ocean with two under 2! 
healthy snacks-I even put ranch and peanut butter in little cups
 I read a lot of blogs (thank you to everyone who posts ideas for road trips) and learned so much.  The first part of my planning was to collect little toys/activities along the way-dollar store and target. This was probably the most helpful part of our planning.  Whenever they started to get restless, we would pull out a wrapped gift and then they had something to play with. 

The next helpful tip, was to pack healthy snacks.  I loaded up at Trader Joes and then got my fresh food.  It was a life savor to have lots of snacks!  I even read on multiple blogs to color code the snacks (one was  This was nice and each kid knew what was their food.  It also helped when I was packing their back packs.  Each kid had a set of markers, crayons and paint brushes and these were all color coded-there was no fighting over things.
Each kid had a back pack full of books, toys, and paper

I used packing paper to wrap all the gifts- then I could write the first letter of their name on them

Here is a bag full of snacks
This was Lincoln trying out his cousin's LEASH!  We weren't sure if we would need it...don't worry we didn't!
Of course it wasn't a perfect journey-that would be crazy to say-but they did an amazing job!  I can't believe how good they did!  We drove along with my parents.  This allowed each kid to have a turn in their car (this was helpful) and it was extra time with Mum and Papa. 
Through watching movies, playing with toys, and drawing we made the first half of the trip (13 hours) with only three stops.  This was what we wanted because we wanted to get there...if we do it again, it would be fun to make more stops and give them more opportunities to see the land.  The drive through Tennessee was AMAZING!
They were all excited to get out of the car and enjoyed a night in the hotel.  Lincoln loved staying up saying "hi" to us all...a little later than we all wanted. 
The next day our trip was shorter.  When we arrived to our beautiful house, it made it all worth the drive!  We made dinner and relaxed...because the next day it was DISNEY TIME!

MeMe and Avery Relaxing
Then, we arrived!!!  The excitement with Avery and Mack, made our journey and packing all worth it.  Their eyes lit up when they saw the castle!

The following posts will be our journey through the land of Disney!

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