Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Monday, October 31, 2011

Just a Whole Lot of Watson Family Time

This past weekend we had a lot of family time with the Watson side. On Saturday we finally had the privilege of having our nephew Cohan over! We had been planning this for a while and were very excited to see him-since there is so many family members in town, we don't get him very often. They are all getting older and have started to play together-It's great to see! We played outside most of the time and then came in for dinner and baths.
I always wonder what they are thinking!
The tractor was out!
This is my view of Mack-he loves this thing.
Digging in the dirt.
Then every Sunday we have dinner together. This weekend it was in celebration of Papa H's birthday. Avery jumped right in the kitchen.

She and Mack ate a lot of muffins!

This is all three of them showing us how to do somersaults and push ups! Pretty funny!

Just a whole lot of Watson Family Time!

Halloween 2011-Oh What a Night

A couple of years ago when I was pregnant with Avery, I was waiting for the doctor and saw the idea of making a gold fish costume. It stuck with me and this was the year to try it! First we had to find an orange hooded would think this was easy, but it wasn't. Finally I found the one below:
Then, you cut orange cupcake liners in half and hot glue them on the front and back for the gills-below are the directions:

Afterwards, you hot glued a ping-pong ball (cut in half) to the hood for the eyes! She looked so cute! Mack was a dog this year because he has taken an interest in Cooper, so we thought it fit him perfectly!
He was not sure about the ears!

We started at Mark's parents house. Of course we didn't leave there until much later-there was lots for them to see and do! We took them to a few houses around their neighborhood and Jane had many snacks for them. We had pizza and were off to our next destination.
Uncle Jack and Aunt Meagan's house!
They liked seeing the different kids come to the door.
And last we came to Aunt Heidi and Uncle Scott's house-also home of Cohan! Here was a great photo opportunity!
Oh what a night! I LOVE Halloween now that we have kids.

Mommy and Avery Time

This morning was one of my best yet! Avery had a dentist appointment and she did wonderful-she didn't even cry. It was fast, so we were able to spend the morning together. First, we went to the library to read books and play. Then we stopped by Starbucks to have a snack:Next...we got her NAILS DONE! Hehe! She loved it-I thought for sure she would be scared of the guy, but nope she was talking to him and watching everything.
What a great morning-great to bond with my little girl:)

Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love My Students

On Friday my students and sweet co-workers/great friends took a vote about what they thought we were having:

This makes me laugh! I love that she has to tell them what the picture means! Thank you to my great friends and students-this made my day!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Surprise

This morning we were all sitting at the table enjoying breakfast together before getting ready for church. I was hot and asked Mark to open the windows. As soon as he sat down we hear a loud noise-this is what we saw:

We were all laughing pretty hard-even though it was ripping our screen! How many people can say this has happened to them? What a Sunday Surprise!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Soon...Very Soon!

I have been so sleepy lately...
Mark was in the shower, Mack was still napping and Avery was watching cartoons. I took advantage of this time and fell asleep. I am sure it's because this is my third pregnancy in three years, but I have been missing somethings- one being my wine! This is what I was dreaming of:
Our wine from Italy...

Our wine from Napa...
SOON...VERY SOON! At least that is what I tell myself-oh well I can dream for now!

Soon We Will Be a Family of Five

Today we learned we were going to have another baby boy! I read in the doctors office, "Because we thought boys were so fun, we decided to have another one" and thought that was pretty funny. Mark and I couldn't be more excited! And even though Mack and Avery are so little they can sense the excitement in our house.

At thirteen weeks the ultrasound technician predicted/guessed a GIRL...this is what I have held on to and Mark did as well. I had a weird feeling that I shouldn't get attached to the idea because they can be wrong (my friend was told a boy and she is having a girl). I think I can speak for Mark that we are glad to be surprised! Our family is growing and what an exciting time. I feel this baby more than the other two and after seeing him in an ultrasound I know why. The lady was shocked to see how much he was moving. We go for another ultra sound next week to make sure he has a strong heart-this is what we had to do with Mack since Avery was born with heart issues (she is fine now). I am excited to see him again!
We still have a long way to go and A LOT of planning to do, but for today we want to take in this new exciting news...
Soon we will be a family of five with two boys and a little girl!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In-Door Activities Begin

Today Avery woke up early and went to bed really late, so I knew it was going to be a day that needed some organized activities. I told Miss Mallory there were lots of things upstairs in our "craft drawer" and shaving cream!
When the weather is nice they can be outside and run all their energy out. As it's changing we need to get creative!
She had Avery paint coffee filters with water colors-they turn out so cool. I was told she was more interested in the water than the paint.
Then Mark and I found these amazing pictures on our camera!

This is what happens with shaving cream. I always loved when we would do this in the preschool room-to work on fine motor skills, but it looked a little different with my one and two year old. WHAT FUN! I LOVE seeing them get messy!
I have said this before-these are some good times! Just wish it was like this in the evenings:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Lou!

On Thursday my mom came to watch my kids because I had parent teacher conferences (so glad that is over) and I don't normally work on Fridays-so no daycare! As soon as I was done we loaded the kids up and headed to The Lou. The Cardinals are in the playoffs (hopefully the World Series!) and Mark and I got to go to the game with my parents. My brother and sister-in-law watched our two kids plus their three! I am sure that was a lot of work, but it's nice to be able to take turns.
Some of the following pictures are from my phone, so they are not the best quality.
The Cardinals won and we had a such a great time together! It was nice to have this opportunity to be alone without kids.

I realized I wasn't taking any pictures. Here are a few before bed time last night. Mack is walking everywhere now.

During the day on Saturday we went shopping! Columbia doesn't have any good places to shop for kids shoes and Mack needed some good shoes to walk-we had been getting his feet into a 4 and little did we know he was sized for a size 6- double wide! Avery is a 6 1/2 and a year older. At least we know...
Then we went into Nordstroms because mommy needed some comfy Uggs for this winter and pregnancy:) Here is Avery walking through the store-she was a hit with all the makeup ladies! They tried to make her up, but it was a bit too much.
After a day of shopping we headed back for some naps. Then they had a sleep over together. It was so cute! They shared a room at my parents house-each were in their own pack and play. Listening to them talk and laugh was icing on the cake!
Today was what we really went to Stl for-Gretchen's baptism. It was great to see this special day and great to be back in the church Mark and I were married in. It was fun telling our minister we are coming up on four years of marriage and having our third child! He was proud:)

Avery wanted to walk with papa up and down the street.
Mack was truckin his way towards themOh and she also got these new boots!

Afterwards, we went to Forest Park (the second biggest park in the US) and enjoyed an event my parents were invited to in celebration of friends of the park. They had food, animals, and crafts.

baby bunnies were a hit! I love this picture of the two of them.
This was fun because she started to play with the other kids
Mack needed a break...this is where I found him-with papa.
My babies are exhausted! I don't think I have ever seen them so tired. It is 8:00 and I don't hear a peep! Thank you to our family for fun times and memories. Who knows-maybe we will be back for the World Series!
We shall see what this week brings...hopefully some rest.