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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Post!!!

I am without my camera (I left it at the lake), so I have been using my phone.  There were a lot of random pictures that are worth sharing.
Our produce has started to come crazy!  I am not letting any of our cucumbers go to waste, so I started pickling them.  Right now I have 12 jars of pickles.  I also bought a canner and have started to learn about that.  It makes me excited to save all our produce!
This random picture was to show how Lincoln is everywhere!  He loves to climb and get on EVERYTHING.  We call him Gretchen Jr. (our niece) because she is this times 100!
On Friday we took a trip to the dentist-all three.  When I made the appointment, I assumed I would have help.  Nope!  It actually went well.  Avery (who cries whenever I leave her) walked down to her own room with the doctor.

Then we stopped by to visit her and she was in the chair getting x-rays.  She proved she is growing up.  Mack and Lincoln don't have any pictures because they both screamed the whole time.

I then found this lined up in Avery's room:
She was having a tea party with her friends.

These are just some cute photos of the kiddos-wearing our sun glasses.

This was me trying to get Lincoln!  Not so much!

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