Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Friday, February 21, 2014

Just in Time for Another Weekend

Not only did I forget my camera at my brother's house, but I didn't even use it while I was there!  All I have are pictures from my phone...

We went to St. Louis this past weekend to visit family for Valentine's Day, my birthday, and my niece's birthday.  It was a weekend away full of time together and time for Mark and I to relax.  Friday night we had a babysitter (Miss Kristina) watch all six cousins.  We had time out and then came home to all six kids asleep!  She is amazing.

Saturday was very relaxed.  My mom and I got to spend time together shopping and the kids rested.  Avery was not acting right and started a small temp.  I was a little concerned because we have had kids out all week at school for many things.  We went to the party that night, but she wouldn't do anything and just laid on the couch.  After the party Mark and I went out to the Hill (Which is an amazing place where every restaurant is Italian).  When we came home all three were asleep-two in my parents room! 

On Sunday morning we headed home to have a little family celebration for me. 
This is what Emily did with the kids-I love that Mack loves his teacher...he also added Ranch!
But this little girl didn't feel well at all!
My Celine (and Mike) came over to visit and enjoy some pizza!
I got presents-I got a Fitbit!! 
I am not a sweet eater, so Mark was creative and made me the best fruit smoothie and put candles around the cup.  The best part was the kids could have as much as they wanted!
So the night ended and it was back to work for my on Monday, but I called the doctor for Avery because I was worried she had Strep throat.  Mark took her in and sure enough she did...
The doctor gave medicine for her and Lincoln because of Mack. We kept them home all week and Mack is at the lake with my parents to keep him safe.  The other two are doing MUCH better and the house has been bleached just in time for Lincoln's 2nd birthday party this weekend!
We were trying to be funny with our eyes wide open...but I think it's cute!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Huge News For Mack

May 7th

While driving to St. Louis Mack wanted his sunglasses and binoculars.  I kept seeing him in the rear view mirror checking things out through his binoculars. 
That is the date that will change us to where we were over a year ago.  It's a date that will need to be celebrated!
It's the day Mack will get to jump in a pool!  His Central Line (aka tubie (a central line is a line they inserted into a central vein.  It saved Mack from having an IV))  will be removed.  I'm grateful for this tubie.  This tubie has been a saving grace when you have a two year old who is dependent on transfusion.  He couldn't even make it a week without getting platelets or blood.  June was his last transfusion.  His platelets are not great (52,000 (normal 200,000)), but he is steady.  The only reason it's still in, is for drawing blood and giving one of his medications...or worse if something happened to him. 
These two are so close.  They are 6 months apart.  Gretchen calls him her Mack!
Tuesday night, Mack and I headed to St. Louis for his appointment on Wednesday morning.  We were greeted by our normal greeting crew-my family!  My brother, sister in law, parents and nieces were all waiting to have dinner with us.  I love that feeling of coming home to all of them.  The next morning I got up and ran (in freezing cold 8 degree weather) thinking about all my hopes for Mack's appointment.  When I got home in the morning he was still asleep-I curled back in with him and he snuggled up.  I love this time with just the two of us!
After a slow morning we headed to the hospital.  It's crazy that we know all the nurses and faces around.  They are renovating the floor so that patients will hopefully have their own room!  That would be great for the families that are there a long time. 
Everyone was commenting on how big Mack has gotten and that his RED hair is changing back to blond.  Crazy medicine changed it during his real sick times.

Then Doctor Wilson came in and said... YES to getting his tubie out.  It happened fast.  This is something we hopped for, but his platelets were very low.  The risk of infection is greater the longer it's left in and Mack has had it in for a year. He will get blood drawn every month and we will try his one medicine orally.   
I know this doesn't mean he's better or he's suddenly not sick.  It means we can enjoy this summer!  Our family is a boating, swimming, all sorts of outside fun kind of family!
One comment the doctor did make was he might not want it out... What?  Heck yeah he will!!  Then on the ride home he said, "mommy be quite."  as I was talking about it.  My first reaction was to explain how rude that was, but then I heard him quietly say, "I don't want my tubie out."  The doctor explained kids get possessive over their tubie-it's what has saved them-it's what has stopped all the needles going in.  UGG.  Not sure how to build it up.  He will have to be put under and that is hard for us to send him off.  I bought a calendar today so we can count down the days...we will see how that works. 
May 7th
I'm going to love this day and be frighten. I'm going to LOVE every second of this summer when all three of my kids can enjoy the pool.  We are spending every second we have there!!!!!  But I'm also going to be frighten he relapses.  What if he gets sicker?  It's always going to be a fear, so it's time to move on!
We are kicking Hepatitis Associate Aplastic Anemia's Butt everyday!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

6 More Weeks of Winter

It's my favorite month.  It's FEBRUARY!!!!!  Too bad the little groundhog said there would be 6 more weeks of winter...
That's okay, we are learning to make the best of it.  This was our last calm weekend for a while so we took advantage.
Only one scary moment for a LONG time!  We came home after going out to eat to hear Avery's carbon monoxide alarm going off.  Mark changed the battery and an hour later it went off again.  We ended up calling the fire department just in case.  It was really for our peace of mind.

Little did we know they would come with a big truck and two smaller trucks!  It really was amazing.  They checked everything out throughout the house with their machine and didn't even wake a kid up!  Everything was fine-it must have been when we started the car earlier.
Thursday was another snow day and Mark stayed home.  We loaded the kids up and headed somewhere...somewhere ended up being the mall. 

They burned some energy and we had a change of scenery.

The weekend was spent getting out and preparing for Valentine's Day!  This week will fly by and we will head into the weekend with Valentine's day celebrations, a cousins princess birthday party and my birthday!  Can't wait!
We will also have another update with Mack on Wednesday as we head to St. Louis for his appointment.  We are hoping to make plans for his tubie (aka central line).  Has now had it in a full year and we would love to have something in place for the summer.  He talks about his hopes for taking a shower like his sister, taking swim lessons, and jumping into the bathtub without worry!  I'm probably getting my hopes up, but 6 more weeks until summer, well in Mack's world that could come really fast!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It just Kept Coming

This winter has been hard!  It's been cold and there are constantly storms coming in.  I love snow days, but now that I am back to work full time, it really messes things up.
Our kids could care less.  Avery asks everyday how many more days left of school this week:)  Well...they were lucky because it's Thursday and we still haven't had school ALL week!
A teachers dream is a snow day after Super happened for us.  Sunday night we let Mack and Avery spend the night in our bed.  I was thinking we were all getting up for school.  Then at 5:30 in the morning we got the call school was cancelled-we had an ice storm on Friday. 
The kids were excited and I was too! 
We woke up later and enjoyed our morning.  The big storm was coming the next day, so I made sure we got out of the house.  We went in to my work, where they played and I got some stuff done.  Then we met daddy at work and had lunch with him-we knew it would be a while before we saw him.
Well...sure enough Tuesday it came...and it wouldn't stop.  It was beautiful and I love the time with my kids, but being a single mom is hard.  Not during the day, but in the evenings.  When Mark is out for a storm he only comes home for a few hours at a time-usually in the middle of the night for a quick nap.  So, with the storm Friday, we haven't really seen him! 

I made sure to get them outside as much as we could.  Getting three bundled up takes about 15 minutes...and who ever made gloves with fingers for this age was crazy-Haha I have never been so frustrated!!!  They play, we shovel and then they want to go back in for hot cocoa.  Outside time usually equals about 20 minutes.  It was worth it though because the snow was beautiful.

This is the first snow Lincoln has boots and pants.  Nanny searched everywhere and got him.  He likes the snow so much more now!!
After naps, they wanted to go back outside.  As soon as I got dinner in the oven we bundled up and hiked over to the neighbors to have some interaction with adults.

Once we were there, they stripped down and enjoyed a big glass of juice. 

We have also tried some art activities.  Homemade play dough was the best-they are still playing with it!

I am NOT a cat person.  Momma cat is an outside cat that showed up.  She is so sweet and great OUTSIDE.  But as soon as I open the door she was running in.  By the time I found her...

She had snuggled in.  I feel bad, but we are trying to figure out Mack's allergies so an outdoor cat needs to stay outside.  It was fun for a little while to let her warm up while we watched our movie (one of many)
We also tried painting.  Condensed milk with food coloring makes really bright paint.  When it dries, it is very shiny and colorful. 

We hope everyone is safe and warm!  I think our week at home is coming to an end, but only one more day left in the week!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Only the Beginning of the Snow!

Our winter days have been spent inside with each other. Since our kids are so close in age it doesn't seem to bother them. ALWAYS have a friend over for a play date! We are very lucky in wanting to be at home. together. playing.

Lincoln is really finding his own personality. He is funny and loving and wild!!

There have been friends that visit to keep us adults entertained... Like sweet Celine for actually spending the night while Mark was out working on Friday night during the ice storm.  It's wonderful to have a friend who appreciates the craziness of our lives!

Most of our days have been spent in our jammies-everyday Avery asks for a PJ day.

Now our big storm is here...I just talked to my parents in Cabo where it's so warm and made me think... September can't come soon enough when Mark and I and fam will be sitting on a warm beach in Cabo!!!

Stay warm!! Hopefully we can stay entertained and enjoy each other as we have!!