Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Paper, Writing...It Never Stops!

My passion is literacy education.  My masters degree has an emphasis in literacy.  I cherish children's writing and the process young children take to evolve into writers...

I guess if you came to our house you would see how my passion has carried over.  This isn't the best for an OCD cleaner, but it makes my heart so happy!  I will take the mess any day if my kids find the beauty in writing and creating stories.
Growing up I would make books like crazy, but a lot of my creativity was crushed by my third grade teacher.  I still remember that year and the fear I developed to read out loud.  Now I kick my self for missing out on all those years of reading.  Reading and writing go hand in hand.  I can tell children who come from families that cherish reading.  Their stories are full of beautiful language and they love to write stories. 
We read a lot!  I was told I wouldn't sit still to read when I was younger.  I thought this was going to be Lincoln...

I was so wrong.  He absolutely loves to sit in our laps and listen to books.  He points to the pictures and (in Lincoln language) asks questions.

It can take us a long time to get through books because we have embraced all the questions about books.  They will touch and feel and wonder about the stories we read.  They now ask amazing questions-another aspect I love about kids.  Yesterday, Avery was wondering how we got water and how water got to a water tower.  That is one example of many.  My hope is Mark and I foster this.  My hope is we NEVER let a mean Ms. Cavert into our child's lives.  Because right now our house is full of little people questioning the world!
There may be paper, markers, crayons, color pencils, and journals all over our house, but it will be like this as long as they love it.

For Christmas I have found an old school desk I'm going to fix up and fill a basket FULL of any writing material you can think of!  I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Look Into Our Week (last week-I'm a little behind!)

We started the week off with another birthday celebration!  It was for Mark's brothers, dad, and cousin.  We had dinner, ate cake, and the kids played.  Happy birthday to the Watson men-we are glad we could finally celebrate your birthdays!

To start the week off, I let the kids come to school with me.  They normally come later, but they hurried and made it out the door in time.  They liked eating breakfast in my classroom.

Our evenings have been busy since we haven't been going outside as much....and Lincoln found lipstick.

We have been braiding Avery's hair so it's curly in the morning.
Then on Friday the preschool class joined our class for some painting and buddy reading.  I LOVE being able to spend that time with them!  Avery likes the older girls.
Mack likes our new class pet-Fruit Loop.
Fruit Loop is a snake...
Another evening activity-dressing your brother up like a princess.
Then on Saturday, before we headed to the lake, we had a friend birthday party-a Cinderella party.
Then we made it to our final celebration for the week (until Tuesday when it's Mark's birthday) Papa's birthday!
 We had an amazing dinner-eggplant parmesan!!!  YUM and we got time with my brother's family!!
 When we woke up in the morning we had a big breakfast, ate homemade carrot cake, and then opened presents.
 Happy birthday Papa!!  It was a whirlwind 24 hours, but we were so glad to celebrate with you!  We love you SO much and can't wait for many more celebrations!

It was a busy week-the kids are changing so much and they make our evenings and weekends full of excitement.  We have one more special birthday to celebrate tomorrow!!!  Then only a few more days until I have an entire week of with my babies!  I can't wait to soak in every minute with them!

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Cousins

I have written before how much I love that my kids get to spend time with their first cousins.  We are lucky because there isn't many weekends that go by they don't see some cousins. 
Last weekend my cousins came to town to hang out.  Not only did I get time with my cousins, but my children got to have special time with their second cousins!  I think we are up to 17 right now!  They all get along great and these girls LOVED coming to the "country".
They collected wood for a bon fire with their dump truck. 

 Then took a long ride around the yard.

 Before the adults went out to eat, we let them roast marshmallows.  It's a messy process, but it's fun to be outside by the fire. 

 I left my camera out and Meme got a picture of them all eating dinner.  She even got them all pj'd and put to bed!

It was GREAT to have time with these two!  They are two of many we love spending time with.

Now if we could just get the rest of the cousins to come visit...until then we will see most of them for our family Christmas party. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mum's Birthday!

September-November are filled with birthdays for us.  We have all our brothers, Mark's dad, My parents, and MARK!!

Unfortunately, we haven't shared any birthday celebrations, but we did go to the lake this past weekend because it was my mom's birthday and we spent time just hanging out.
 Friday night was spent playing and tackling Papa!
 Then Saturday we spent the day shopping, getting pedicures, had dinner out, and ate cherry pie at home.

Avery loves getting her nails and toes done!

This sweet boy was hooked on mommy and I took advantage of it.

Have I mentioned how hooked Lincoln is with mum?
On Sunday we spent the day outside warming up around the Bon Fire.

The trees have been amazing this fall!
Then we discovered walnuts...

Mack and Papa spent a lot of time cracking them open. Hopefully we can enjoy them over Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday Mum!!! We love you and our time at the lake with you!