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Friday, July 26, 2013

One of Our Top Days

I have a tendency to over book us-which leaves us on the go a lot.  Everyone seems to enjoy our activities outside of the house, but I will start to notice them getting tired.  They also start to miss the time with just the three of them.  They entertain themselves and are so sweet when playing.
 I'm really enjoying this summer-mostly because I'm not pregnant or breast feeding (it's the first time in 4 years!).  It leaves me with much more energy and time to think only about the three cuties I have in my life. 
Although today was spent at home with just the four of us, it was our BEST day yet!  They have been watching the birds out the window and talking about the different birds.  This lead me to our Bird Watching Window.  I used a piece of poster board and cut out the middle-this gave it a special feel.  When they woke up there were bird feeders ready to paint (Mack helped himself while we were all asleep), sketch pads, brand new crayons, and room for lots of creativity. 
While I was cleaning up from breakfast, Avery and Mack sat in the big chairs and started to draw what they saw out the window.
Then we moved to the table to paint their feeders (or for Mack to add some detail).
Then we "painted" toilet paper rolls with peanut butter and coated them in seed.  Unfortunately it was raining all day so we will have to put them on the trees tomorrow.  The toilet paper rolls just slide on a branch.
This day was one of my favorite days because they were engaged in what we were doing, they played together, and they were full of questions and creativity!  It's fun to be out socializing, but I love days at home being a family!

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