Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Monday, April 28, 2014

It Was a Balancing Act

We came back...
It's been since last summer since we've had to be in the hospital.  Gosh it was nice being normal!
Friday night was busy, we had Avery's first dance recital.  There were a lot of family members who attended and we were enjoying the night.  That day, Mack's teacher called me from the park to tell me he fell and hit his nose on the water fountain.  I ran to get him thinking I would clean him up, but he didn't want to stay.  He wanted to leave, so I took him back to my classroom and let him relax. 
He was fine except his nose wouldn't stop bleeding.  He was also acting tired, but no fever so we gave him some Tylenol to help with his nose.  By 8:30 that night, after all the excitement, he had a fever.  It was 101-102 so we held off on calling the doctors.  We thought he needed a good night sleep.  The next morning I took his temp and it was only 100, so off I went to run.  About mile 2 Mark called and said he called St. Louis doctors and they weren't too concerned.  He said finish your run and we will take him to the ER for a dose of antibiotics.

Off they went, but before he left I knew he didn't look good.  Our thermometer was so off.  In fact, he had 104 temp!  After Tylenol it went up to 105 and that is when they put him in the ambulance to St. Louis.
Nanny came over with me to keep us company and we let the other two have ice cream for breakfast, plant watermelon seeds, and then finger paint...

Which later turned into getting naked and painting themselves.  I was slowly getting things laid out while we waited.  Sure enough we had to put the kids in the car and off we drove.  Luckily Nanny drove us so I could rest up! 

As soon as we got there I dropped the kids off at my brother's house.  He took care of all 5 kids!!  I am impressed.  They have moved into their new home and I think my kids are pretty comfortable there!

Sunday my dad took Avery to church with the cousins, aunt and uncle.  It was great for her to have that time with Papa.  She wanted even MORE time with the girls so she spent all of Sunday over there too!  Thank you Brent!

Mark and I have this balancing act figured out.  In the past we were both at the hospital and it was so hard on Avery.  This time Lincoln was old enough to feel the emotions. We have learned to split our time and with our parents we are able to balance it all out.  Mark is much better doing the night shift and I spend the days with him.  Plus Avery is attached to me and is much more happy having mommy put her to sleep.  It seems to work because everyone was happy! 

It wouldn't have been possible without the grandparents.  My parents were on point with Avery and Lincoln and Mark's parents were at the hospital with us-giving us a break to grab a fast bite our to eat together.
Mack was happy to have a job site outside his window.  It amazed us all!  There were excavator and bulldozers on the roof!
Then, on Sunday he became obsessed with wanting to make party hats.  Party hats for baby Kalen's birthday!  He is only 3 months. 

When Mack was really sick in the beginning he couldn't sleep.  He probably only slept an hour in 48 hours.  It was like he wouldn't let go.  On Sunday afternoon at about 4:00 I got him to sleep.

Monday, he woke up like a new man.  He felt great and when he feels great and is contained to his room (because of his virus he can't leave his room, doctors have to gown up and wear masks, and there are no roommates), he gets stir crazy.  I was hopeful they would take his tube out while we were there, so I thought we would stay longer, but the doctors didn't feel comfortable putting him under with his condition.

Meanwhile... Lincoln and Avery carried on, but really missed daddy and Mack!

Monday morning I took the kids swimming with my mom.  I LOVE when my kids swim.  It gives them such a great activity and they are exhausted afterwards. 

Then at 2:00 in the afternoon the nurse said, "Mom?  Do you want to go home?" off we went!
He is home now and adjusting back to life.  I forgot how hard it is to come back to his siblings.  There has been fight after fight!  Don't get me wrong they all hugged and embraced when he got home.

I had forgotten how much balancing we have to do.  Again, I am THANKFUL for our parents and all their help, plus my brother for watching the kids.  There are so many thanks we always need to give-to all our friends and family for the prayers.  Thank you!

Easter Traditions

Before we started our Easter weekend, we had some friends over for dinner.  Avery and Annabelle have developed a fun relationship and Lincoln loves her little sister Hattie Rose.

Then on Saturday afternoon we heading to the lake.  This was our 4th year being there for Easter weekend. I think it's our tradition now. We had to go later and missed the tradition of seeing the Easter bunny and egg hunt due to Avery having dance practice. 
It didn't seem to phase them because as soon as we got there, the kids were off playing.

Before dinner we colored eggs. It was nice enough to do it outside!

Then the Easter Bunny arrived! The kids got up really early with all the excitement! Earlier than the parents could stop them from going upstairs before us.

But we caught them fast!

Then we enjoy breakfast outside on the deck!

One tradition we have is going to this little church. They don't have any children in the church, so when our 6 kids arrive they are thrilled. They even planned Sunday School for them! 

After church we snapped some cute photos. Avery was being a little stinker with her brothers.

Lincoln is always running away!

As we were taking pictures the Easter Bunny dropped a lot of eggs.

This was the first year they all got the concept.

We got some cute pictures of them all with my parents! Poor Papa had to try and hold Lincoln as he tried to get away.

Then a new addition to our celebration arrived...

Nanny and Papa H.

It was fun having both sides with us and it was a lovely day. Mum and Papa were busy the whole weekend cooking feasts! I'm still thinking of all the yummyness! 

I love the picture below:

Lincoln doesn't sit long for snuggles, but he does for Nanny! We are thankful for that day and the time we got with everyone!

The next day Nanny came by our house to give them their Easter baskets.

Easter is full of family time and excitement for the kids, but we will try hard to teach them the real story of Easter...even if they do get three Easter baskets!
Happy Easter (really late!)