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Monday, July 15, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Looking back at all these pictures (and trying to organize them), I realized we did a lot on our trip!  Our third day was Animal Kingdom.  This place was really fun, but again, it was super hot this day.  We made one mistake...we tried to take them to a 3D movie of A Bug's Life.  It was so cool-except the kids were terrified!  At one point 5 out of the 6 kids were crying.  Mark and I moved out fast.  This didn't set well with them:)
We did get to see some animals, rides some rides, and go on the Safari ride-that was the best part.
This is our happy faces!

Half way through, we stopped for ice cream.  It helped cool everyone off.

Then it was off to the Safari!

We saw Hippos,

Giraffes, an Ostrich, lions, flamingos, and much more!

It wore everyone out and we were cut a little short by a HUGE down pour with lightning and all!  This place was neat for the animal lover!

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