Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Soccer Saturday

Don't you dislike when people complain about how busy they are? Especially when you're up to your eye balls with life?  I say it all the time, but lately I have been more aware of when I say it.  Everyone is busy!  We are all busy in our own ways.  If we want our kids to have different experiences then we need to know that means we will be busy!  I don't like to be "busy" on the weekends, but the kids had their first soccer game and that made for a busy day.

This time I would say our kids were busy.  Friday night Avery was invited to a Cinderella tea party.  At the last minute I brought Mack-he felt a little left out.  There wasn't much time to capture pictures, but they enjoyed sandwiches and watching the 1963 version of Cinderella.

Saturday morning they got to go to Aunt Heidi and Uncle Scott's house for some cousin time.  Mark and I got the opportunity to run together.  They had a blast and it took a while to get them out!  We hurried home to get ready for a soccer game.
They were so excited, they were in their uniforms right away!

It was picture day as well so it went a little long.

We are so LUCKY to be able to play with Cohan.  It worked out that Avery is on the oldest end of the team, Cohan is just right, and Mack is playing up (since the cut off was August 1st and he is August 24th)
Their jerseys are in order 5,6, 7.

The first part of the hour is practice and the second part is a game.

It's three on three with no goalie.  Brazil (our team) did great!

Maybe a little work when they're resting on the sidelines looking at clouds:)
It was a Watson family affair.

Luckily Lincoln could stay at nanny and papa h.'s house. That way he could nap.

Then Mark and I dropped Avery and Mack off and headed out of town!

The kids didn't seem to mind since they had their own fun!

We got to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday. It's always nice to have a night off, but...

We do miss them!

I Just Can't Wait To See GOD

We were blessed enough to watch the baptism of our good friend's baby-Celine and Mike's little Charlotte.  As we got out of the car at church Mack loudly said, "I just can't wait to meet GOD!" I tried then to explain that this is a place to worship GOD and we can see him in our thoughts, but as soon as we entered the chapel he asked where he was.  Wow, what a hard concept to explain to a 4 year old.  It made me sad we haven't been taking them to church.

When Mack was first sick, we couldn't go because he couldn't be around others.  Now we are trying to figure out where we want to go, but this experience made me realize we have to go!  Mark and I grew up going to Sunday school and they should have that same experience.  Thank you Celine and Mike for inviting us to be a part of your family's special day.  It is a beautiful ceremony seeing your child be baptized and now we need to do a better part as parents to provide them with an education about GOD.

We had many more questions as the service was going on.  They wanted to know if GOD wrote the Hymns.  It was a long time for them to sit, but the congregation loved seeing children attend and were happy to have some extra noise!  
The church was a tiny little church at the Lake, we had to step outside for air and were able to get some cute pictures of the three of them.
Double family photo.

I love the title of this post.  Mack your mind and questions are so refreshing.
Congratulations baby Charlotte!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Thought We Just Started Summer?

Man, I feel like summer just started and here we are saying goodbye!
Our last weekend was spent at the lake. We fished-now all three kids have caught their first fish!

We did puzzles. Papa helped out!

Mum was the brave one and got in the water with them! I finally did the last day, but only in a raft... I kind of missed floating!
We also spent the last weekend at the pool. Bounce house, face painting, and a balloon artist made for a kid day at the pool!

Bye bye summer, hello fall!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just the Three

I've come to accept that my kids just aren't social (unless they are around their 5 cousins).  I grew up with 6 years between myself and my brother.  I thrived for time with my friends, I begged to have friends come on vacation with us, and I lived at other peoples' houses.  Not these kids.  They love to be at school with friends, but they miss each other.  They depend on each other in social situations, yet they fight when they are together too much.  They lean on each other, yet they throw each other down.  Tonight they fought...all night and when we lost "it" they came together as a team and fixed "it".
It really is just the three of them.  At the end of the day who is by your side (deep down)?  Your family/ your siblings.  This is what we truly want.  We don't want them to grow apart, we want them to naturally feel drawn to each other-this IS happening before our eyes.  There is no silly competition between each other, there is no animosity towards each other, there is love that only siblings can understand.  They are growing up together and they are a team which I hope unites them for as long as they live!
  Mark and I will except they don't want others, they want each other. 

I find them snuggled all the time!  Just cuddled up.  I don't always capture it because I want to embrace it.

Here they are at school.  They aren't always together, but they have the option to be.

Lincoln cries most days we leave in the morning.

They love and  adore our extended family including our friends!  Baby Charlotte is their new obsession!  

It's a family that makes them happy and I'm okay with that.  If their friends are their cousins YIPPEE  we have done a great job embracing our family!  Here is to our Crittenden/Watson Family!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Macklin Is 4!

Birthday weekend is what Mack experienced! This boy has jumped through hoops to get where he is. Life is good for Mack and everyday he grows. He is no longer seen or treated like a "sick" kid. His 4th year of life is his year! He has learned to swim independently and could live in the water. Mack loves his equipment and will spend hours digging in the garden with his excavator and dump truck. He LOVES his siblings in different ways-Avery is his go to buddy. They act just like twins and depend on each other in social situations. Lincoln has now become his buddy and they play for hours (in the dirt). I love watching a brother relationship develop between them.
The weekend started with a lunch at Chucky Cheese with: Nanny, Ireland, Papa H, aunt Molly and daddy (I had to teach a class at that time:()
The next day his Aunt Heidi asked if we could go to the pool with his cousins. It was the perfect activity because Mark met my brother to pick up our other nieces to surprise Mack! 
Mark and Avery drove half way to get the other cousins while the boys and I chilled with cousins!
Mack woke up to a house full! 
That afternoon my parents-Mum and Papa picked him up for a special treat!!

He went on a dinner train! They took a three hour train ride with Mack. He did great! It was long and no other kids, but the experience will be something to remember!
The next morning we had a house full of cousins and a Mum and Papa! We had lots of help! Mack said he wanted a lot of things for his party. I went with firetrucks! This was fun to set up and probably the easiest party!

A few of weeks ago I purchased this blow up slide for cheap! It has paid for itself!!

Millie is 9 years old now!!! She's a huge help and held baby Charlotte for a long time.  
Lincoln and Cohan dug in the dirt.
Awww the two moms!

Ireland was ready for cake!
Kalen was excited!
It was the perfect weekend to remember such a special boy!!