Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Giving Tree

About five years ago Mark and I headed out on Black Friday to get our first fake tree.  It was the one and only time we have gone out on this day.  Through the years the tree has been up in various places around the house.  After so many years (and it being a cheap tree) it isn't looking too great, so we have gone to getting real trees (that we will be cutting down next weekend). 

It would be a waste to not use this lovely fake tree (that is sarcasm-it's like a Charlie Brown tree)! This year we have so much to be thankful for and want to teach our kids the act of giving.  While Mack was in the hospital there was so much given to him and we want to make sure other kids there during the holidays have special gifts.  So, we are going to collect presents under this giving tree-it is placed outside their rooms- and take them to the pediatric floor. 

We hope this will start to teach them the difference between needs and wants and show them how to be compassionate to others.  Don't get me wrong I (and Mark) want to spoil our children during the holidays, but we feel there is much more to teach them then just what they WANT. 

Let me present to you the most amazing GIVING TREE!!!!!!
 It will also be a place to display our family ornaments!

It's the most wonderful time to be giving!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving-What a Special Week!

We had a doctor's appointment in St. Louis on Wednesday for Macklin, so my sister-in-law made reservations for us at the new restaurant across the street that they designed.  I wasn't sure how we were going to go and leave our kids with a babysitter.  Luckily, our Nanny was able to join us and allowed (thanks to my parents for arranging it!!!!) us a great night out with my parents, brother and sister-in-law.  It was the first time we didn't talk (much) about what was happening and were allowed to have some fun.

Good thing  we had this nigh,t because our appointment was a little depressing...the doctors don't "understand" Mack and why his levels aren't dropping.  We are going to see how tomorrow's blood work goes and decide what our next step will be.  These levels could start to cause other problems in his body.  He seems to be a VERY rare case...

On that note we were grateful that Thanksgiving was the next day-this brought some cheer to us and our family.  We started the morning off with a walk down to the parade.  I love parades and wanted to share it with the kids-they weren't too impressed, but at least we got out of the house and spent some time with papa! 

Cooper joined us!

 We had lots of entertainment from mum and papa and a box...

 They ate a ton and enjoyed desert-pumpkin cheese cake and chocolate pecan pie.

They ended the night with some dancing!
During this sad time it was nice to have a quite week at home with my parents.  The food was amazing and the extra help was awesome.  But I have to say my most favorite part was...
Papa 2
My grandpa turned 90 last week and it was a day to be celebrated!  If you know my kids at all, they aren't very social with other people.  This is the same with their Papa 2!  Except this visit.  Avery decided he was a good playmate and was making him play with her all day long.  It was such an amazing thing to see and now that is all they have been talking about.

  We may not be able to be thankful for all our children to be healthy, but we are thankful they are all happy and got this special time with their Papa, Mum, and Papa 2.  I think I am still full from the feast we shared with each other.

We hope everyone spent time with their families and had lots to be thankful for!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

We took a few days to celebrate Mark!  It was his birthday this week and the kids were very excited to decorate the house and make him a big brownie!  We hope he had a great day:)  unfortunately I didn't take any pictures from that day-these are from the night before when he had the family birthday celebration:


Happy Birthday Mark/Daddy!!!!  We love you!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Life as We Know It

We've been home for over a week now and things are okay.  His numbers went up again on Sunday, so Mark took him back to the hospital and now we are doing steroids through his IV (we have to do this!) His numbers have been going back down and we were very happy...until today when I talked to the doctor.  Apparently, they wanted to see much more change in his levels and because it's been so long now they should be dropping faster.  Starting today we are adding antibiotics with the steroids.  I am a little discouraged because if his levels stay this high for much longer we are looking at damage to his liver.  The bad part of this antibiotic is it suppresses his immune system...even more.  We have already required people to have a flu shot before coming to our house and have been cleaning every thing!  We are supposed to put him in a bubble, but also let him live like a little boy.

Life in a bubble is fun for a few days, but now the poor kid hasn't been out of the house for a week.  Avery has to stay home from school because we can't risk her bringing things home and Lincoln came down with a fever/rash from a viral infection!!!!

We are trying to make it as fun as possible while trying to live a normal life.  Here are some pictures of his journey:

We have Juice Boxes

While watching a fireworks show

They enjoy eating in the "big chairs" next to each other

Daddy had to go out and get them something

It just happened to be a power wheel-they love it, but are still working on the steering

These fun cookies have helped him get through when the nurse comes to take blood.  Thank you Hirsch family-they are yummy!

We have to do lots of crafts!

The ipad has helped while he takes his medicine through his IV

Lincoln hasn't felt great, but always has a smile-especially for his big brother

 Today the weather turned for the better and their cousins came over to visit.  I am thankful for this because I wasn't sure how the day was going to go.  They had fun playing together and enjoyed the fresh air.

All five of them playing together!

They all got a present from Cohan and Ireland-this was very exciting!  Thanks for the visit-the kids needed to see outsiders:)

I found these pictures on our ipad.  We are really thankful for our nanny Emily!  She is always there to help and Mack loves her (as well as the other two).  She has a lot on her plate, but never complains about how hard the three of them can be-thank you Meme for being great during this hard time!

I will have to post the ones I found of Avery later...she has figured out how to change the background and everything-they're pretty funny!

So, living in our bubble hasn't been too bad and we are trying to keep them entertained.  We take more blood on Monday and head back to St. Louis for a doctors appointment and then are staying there for Thanksgiving!  Please continue to pray for our guy-he is tough and we are trying to stay positive!

A Long Time Coming

Before all our craziness with Mack-we were having FUN with the craziness of another Watson wedding.

Mark's youngest brother got married to a beautiful girl at a beautiful winery.  It was a little far from my parent's house, so we all got hotel rooms.  The kids loved being in a new place.  Avery said, "wow mommy this is really nice."  There was lots of room and we made sure to pack a lot of things for them to do.  They were never short of food!  My mom came to help me with the kids.

The day before the wedding we had the rehersal-the bus ride was fun!

Then we came back to get the kids for the dinner.
Ireland and Lincoln

The kids were a little crazy at the rehearsal,but they had fun with each other.  My kids had lots of love to give to Ireland.

The day of the wedding was spent getting ready and just hanging out.  I didn't have my camera for much of the day, so I am missing a lot.  These pictures were taken from a family friend.
This is about when I realized something was off with Mack

Such a beautiful place!

After the kids left, Mark and I had more time to celebrate with the newly weds.  We had so much fun and danced all night!  We hadn't done that in a very long time.

Tip: place candy at the bottom of the flowers if you are worried they won't get down.  She walked down and stayed up there the whole time.

We are very excited to have Meagan officially be in our family-she has been with us almost as long as Mark and I have been together.  She is a wonderful person and cares SO much about our kids.

The next day we picked up two exhausted kids!

Jack and Meagan, thank you for a fun time-we are so thankful we had that time with the two of you and can't wait for many more memories through the years!  Cheers to Happy Times!