Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time Goes Too Fast!

How does this happen? How do they grow up so fast? All three of my babies intrigue me! Each one is so different yet they are such great friends.

Lincoln was the quietest baby and today you always know where he is. My friend sent me this baby picture of Lincoln and my sister in law sent the picture of Lincoln at the park yesterday. It made me stop and think of my memories of all my babies. While you are in it, it seems to be a long haul! Now looking back, it was the shortest part of my life! Now, I miss those late night snuggles!!
Tomorrow I'm stepping back from our plans and spending a day at home playing with them! So glad I have times like these to appreciate how precious time is. My babies won't be babies for long!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gardening-Watson Style

For the past few years we have been mastering our gardening skills-I'm pretty sure they will never be fully mastered, but we feel pretty comfortable with what we have started.  The kids are enjoying the care of it (lets see how they are when it gets hot) and they are learing to not dig in it anymore.  Avery came around the other day with Basil in her hand eating it-I love she's learning how to eat fresh!

 Avery needed a little snooze!
 Lincoln got to ride with daddy in his big dump truck.  We needed a lot of mulch!

 I asked Mack to plant one cucumber plant...he did, in his dump truck!
I just hope everything grows strong this year-my goal is to learn how to can!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Has Begun-Part 2

Our kick off to the summer has been full.  So full we had to take a day and just be home.  The kids are already exhausted-we will be slowing down for a little while. 
 I just got Mack's numbers today and they aren't looking very good.  Some time at home with some outings is just what we need!

 We did go to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.  This is one place we don't go to enough.  They have a fabulous kids area and the setting is peaceful.  Our kids played for a long time.

 Then they found the splash pad...good thing I had extra clothes!  Mack was really good about playing and not getting his tube wet!

When we got back home last week, we spent one whole morning out at a park.  They are getting easier and easier to take places by myself!

I had to add a picture from our date night!  It was a much needed night and we had fun being us!
After our night out we loaded the kids back up and headed to the Lake for Memorial Day weekend.  The weather was perfect and of course our kids are totally worn out!

Everyone was ready to be back out on the water.  I'm so excited to actually enjoy this summer being on the water! 

Snickers (my mom's new dog) was also worn out!

One of the days we left the boys at home to nap and headed to the pool.  Avery was so independent with her swimming and playing with her cousins.  I had to scoop her up sometimes and get my snuggles in.

This was one of our times-painting our nails blue together!  I love having a daughter!!!!

Lincoln is getting 6 new teeth all at once and is having a hard time with it.  This was one of the only times during the weekend I saw him snuggle so much!  Mom's have a special touch!

Yesterday was a day living my childhood.  We took the kids on Go Karts.  We forgot how fun they are!  Then we headed down to the "strip" and I'm pretty sure everything I played with as a little girl is still the was a little gross, so we enticed them with candy from the fudge store to get them away!

Our evening and today has been spent playing games and relaxing!  Summer is here!!!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Has Begun- Part One

Last Friday marked my last day of work! After a little (or a lot) celebration Friday night, we headed to St. Louis for some summer fun!

My kids did great, but I was a little out of sorts with little patience.  I owe my parents a huge apology for my negativity. Now looking back at pictures we did so much! My dad stayed in town a few extra days, so my kids had all their attention.

I think I was still feeling so negative about Mack's progress and the anticipation of his appointment-which was on Wednesday. I only wish I could develop my parents patience!!! They are one of a kind and I am truly blessed to have two people (besides my husband) that always love matter how much I stress:) or act out!
I Love you two!!!

We started our five day journey attending my nieces 6th birthday party. They painted and "socialized" (sarcasm-they play with each other) with other kids.  I am glad we made it!

The next day, after shoe shopping, my dad and I took Mack to the Cards game-he made it through five innings and enjoyed all his alone time! This was really nice to do and made me realize it will be one of my goals this summer.  Thank goodness we will still have our babysitter, because I plan on giving each child their special time with mommy!
Love this picture!

After the game the whole family got together for some dinner.  This was one of the two nights together!

Then we met my cousin, aunt and her three kids at the zoo. We spent a lot of time there and rode the train around-huge hit and the three older kids got to yell, "all aboard!!!" In the microphone.

I love having my kids around my mom and her sister!  Aunt Sharon is a special lady who has gone through more than anyone I know.  She is an inspiration for us during our time with Mack.

Our two boys!  Lincoln wanted to touch Cam!

Avery was hooked on Adalynn and left Mack out a bit-this is a new concept for us since they've been so close.

I put part one because I have pictures from the Botanical Gardens and much more! 
Today (being our first day at home) was spent organizing and tomorrow it will be the park...all day!!!  Then to the lake we go again for more cousin time!
Happy Summer!!!