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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

In the past we have had huge 4th of July parties.  This was not the year to have one of those parties.  We wanted to smoke some meat and have a few close friends over.  It started as one friend (sweet Celine) and then grew to a few more.  We had decided to not go to the pool, but my friend Celine offered to help! I couldn't resist hanging with her and having help! Thanks Miss Saweem (kid talk)

 It was a good thing we did go, because we ran into another friend and they decided to come over after naps.  My kids loved having a friend to play with.

  Mark loves this holiday and after my observations from the day, I think he has the kids hooked.  They woke up from their naps and the fun began!

 They played in the sprinkler, had popsicles, drank juice boxes and ran around having fun!  Mark asked Avery if she was having fun as she ran upstairs to get her own swim suit on-plus an extra for her friend- and she said, "Oh yes!  This is so much fun!!"

 Again, in the past we did huge fireworks, but this year we let them pick them out.  It was fun to pick out fireworks and get ice cream.  They loved them and kept waiting for the next!

 Then our neighbor brought over these lanterns.  They were so cool and Avery got a bright pink one(like Rapunzel) to set off.

They weren't as impressed with the show as they are when the huge fireworks are going off (like at Disney)! But I think they had so much fun!!  They are still begging for more fireworks-what have we started?

Our family hopes everyone had a safe holiday!  Happy 4th of July!

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