Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Fall and Time for Crafts

Fall is my favorite and I love how much there is to do with kids! We have been looking at leaves through many walks around our yard. Today, we looked at leaves and found some that were changing colors.

Then I got some foil and cut out leaf shapes (not very well) and put out fall colors to let them paint.

I would say this was a great activity with small children because they were engaged the whole time.  I punched a hole in the top and hung them up outside. The only down side was making them outside because the wind was blowing and it made the activity really messy! They loved it and talked about it which equals success!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

All in One Day

I know I said I would be too busy to post, but this past weekend was a blast! It started off as a normal weekend with the kids. We made homemade pizza dough and grilled out on the patio. Then Saturday morning we headed to a fun event here in town put on by the Univversity.
Our kids had an okay time looking at the animals, but Mack was more interested in a tractor ride, so until we did that he was not satisfied!

After we put the kids down for a nap, my sister-in-law came over and we headed to STL for...

Our soon to be sister-in-law!!!  I don't think I have fully recovered from the "fun" I had, but it was so nice to spend the time with the two of them for such an amazing celebration.

Jack and Meagan, we can't wait for your big day!  Meagan we are very excited to add another sister to the family!  Thanks for the night away (even if I payed for it:)).

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Want To Be...

Like Daddy

Mack is VERY attached to his daddy!  I am thrilled he has a daddy he can admire that much.  We would be proud if he turns out like daddy! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Weekend of Fun-Aren't They All?

It probably sounds like every weekend is fun-at least that's what I want to remember and that's what I want my kids to remember. So, once again we headed out of town for the STL. There was lots to celebrate! My brother's birthday was celebrated on Friday night.  We all got together at my parents place and the kids played until way too late, but isn't that what cousins are for?  They also ended up spending the night-we got to wake up together in the morning.
After we all got our footing (thanks to my dad's famous margaritas) Mark took the kids on a train ride.  Avery has been wanting to ride a blue train, so an easy (and cheap) solution...the Metro Link!  It luckily had some blue on it and they went in the morning when their wasn't too many interesting people on it.
They loved it!  This is them waiting for the train-I took these from my parents window.  Kind of far away, but I was able to zoom in.

When they got back and Lincoln woke up my parents and our niece Millie joined us for a walk downtown.  Our goal was to head to the Arch and have a picnic, but instead we stopped by the City Gardens and ate lunch out.  I love this city for the fun things to do right outside my parents place!

The fire fighters were having a memorial-This picture couldn't be any more perfect.

We weren't done yet.  Another celebration was for my cousin Abra and her new little boy.  She has two girls and is expecting her first boy, so we all got together at my Aunts new house to sprinkle her with some boy items.  I took Avery and Lincoln and Mack stayed with the guys and Gretchen.  Avery was off as soon as she got warmed up and I didn't see her much.  Too many cousins to play with!

I am very thankful to be rubbing her belly and not my own!

It was another weekend of fun.  This was the last weekend before all our wedding celebrations begin.  I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing in between work, parties, and being a mom!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Cool Ride

Remember the funny video from our trip of Mack?  Well we got some more action shots with our little man and his cousin. 

It was a special day!  We were celebrating sweet Ireland's baptism.  After all three sat through church we headed over to Aunt and Uncle's house.  This is where they enjoyed some cool rides with their cool cousin!

It was a lot of work for Uncle Scott and Mark!  Still not sure we need one of these, but I could see how much fun they would have on our property!  We might be asking Santa for one:)

Congratulations to the other Watson family!  We were glad to be a part of such a special day.  Thanks cousin Cohan for sharing your cool ride.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lincoln Is So Close

My other two were never this close to crawling at 6 months old! Avery was about 10 months before she was crawling and Mack was 8 1/2 months doing the army crawl. We keep watching Lincoln and everyday he is getting closer. Yesterday I decided to record some of it and he is up-rocking back and forth. I really think it will be any day now. What are we going to do once this happens?

He just wants to keep up with his brother and sister!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

They Are a Changin!

After a hard Friday afternoon these three took a nice warm bath and snuggled into some comfy PJ's-Cardinal PJ's!!!  Even though life is crazy and we can't go to many Cardinal games we try and make sure to show our children our passion for this team!  Thanks Mum and Papa!

Our Friday afternoon was hard because this "super mom" decided it would be a good idea to schedule all their checkup appointments at one time.  It was nice to go only once, but it was a lot of work and I won't be doing it again!  My mom attended this adventure so we were man on man! Our doctor was happy we had man on man and had all our questions written out (they don't normally take three kids at once-too much to handle-ours were an exception because they are awesome!)

We were trying for some pictures of the three of them-Avery and Mack were posing...just not at the same time.

I think this one is cute because Lincoln is admiring his older brother.
Avery's update:  Avery is 38 1/2 inches tall and 35 pounds-she is a tall skinny girl!  She is trying out her new three year old body by exploring with independence.  We never went through terrible twos with this girl, but now she has learned to test us a bit.  Overall, she is so good and really enjoys helping the boys.  Mack and her are buddies and are learning to work together.  She has developed a sweet relationship with Lincoln-her favorite thing to do is lay by him and rub his head.  She also enjoys taking his picture.  She says, "smile buddy.  Aww cute!"  Preschool is good for her.  She still cries when I leave, but has adjusted to the day with her new friends.  When I observe her she tends to play with the boys:)  We love giving her this opportunity at my school!  Avery still lives for princess, but she has been really interested in trains-blue trains.  We are planning a time when daddy can take her to St. Louis so she can ride a train.
Mack update:  Mack is 35 1/2 inches tall and weighs 31.6 pounds-he's a big boy and catching up to his sister fast.  Everyday Mack is growing up and is learning to be his own person.  Two year old molars are not fun and have set some pretty bad evenings for us, but when those don't bother him he is so fun to be with.  His vocabulary has taken off and now feels less frustrated because he can tell us his wants/needs.  He enjoys playing with his trucks, but now really loves looking at airplanes.  It would be neat someday to let him see my grandpa's plane-until then we keep telling him he will ride one to Florida next summer.  The heat has finally broke this week and we are back outside where he can run, ride his bike, and now search for bugs.  He isn't afraid to pick them right up and examine them.  We are going to be working hard on his colors these next few months because right now everything is blue:)!

Lincoln update:  I was talking on the phone and mentioned I thought Lincoln was close to 18 LBS.  Well, I was close he is 17 pounds at 6 months!  This may seem like a lot but he is 27 1/2 inches long, so that puts him in the 45% range for weight.  He is big but really long.  The doctor told me to feed him whenever he wanted because he needed it.  I just finished nursing him this week (not completely by choice).  Between work and life I couldn't keep up.  This was really hard this time because my goal was a year (since he is my last), but in the end it shouldn't be stressful and it was!  I did enjoy my first weekend of sleeping in and Mark enjoyed being able to feed him.  Besides the feeding aspect Lincoln is a mover.  The other two were slower to get moving, but he rolls everywhere he wants to go.  If he's not rolling his is perched up trying to move on his knees.  We have been working with Avery and Mack to pick up any little pieces because this man is going to get into trouble.  There are very rare times when he is upset and smiles at everyone!  He has finally become a great sleeper with two good naps and some short naps here and there-he also began sleeping in a little bit!

The three of them are always changing and we are enjoying watching this happen.  It's fun to sit down and think about each one!