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Friday, July 19, 2013

More Lake Memories

These pictures say more than I could write. We spent a day at the lake with the cousins. It was 24 hours, 5 kids, and three adults...


But then Mack wasn't looking or acting normal. Aunt Heidi and Nanny were very concerned! Mark wanted us back home and close to the hospital...

So I packed them back up and headed home.

I was sad to leave. It was crazy/stressful/ and full of time with cousins. In the end, it was a lot with a kid like Mack! They're rough, they jump off beds, and they play like crazy! All the things a kid with normal platelets could do. 

It was good to get home and be safe. They were also glad to have time just the three of them. I love that we can have so much time with extended family and then come back to just the five of us. It's the best of both worlds!

Thanks Nanny and Aunt Heidi-you did so much for us!!!! 

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