Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mark's Birthday and Thanksgiving

 We celebrated Mark's birthday the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The kids LOVE celebrating and even more when it's their daddy.  
 Mark dropped me off half way and my dad picked us up to let us spend a week in St. Louis.  Mark met us on Wednesday and Thanksgiving morning we woke up and headed down the street to the Thanksgiving day parade.  I love parades and to be that close, we had to go.  The kids enjoyed all the candy.

 Cooper was a hit!
 The weather was gorgeous-obviously we aren't wearing coats.

 I don't have any other pictures on my camera, but the day was spent cooking and indulging.  

Avery Turns 6 and Mack turns 5! And it's January

 Our sweet girl-our first born-turned 6 this past August.  Saying time has flown by is an understatement.  The years fly by and the she is developing into a strong, smart, kind of (at times) independent little girl.  She writes stories ALL the time and love to listen to books.  Since starting Kindergarten we have seen her math skills take off.  She is adding numbers in her head, counting by 5's and 10's to 100 and she brings every math game home to teach us all.  Now, she will be getting glasses for her reading and writing.  She is also begging to get her ears pierced! 
 I love how much the boys enjoyed watching her open presents.
 Mum stayed with them for the day:)
 In the evening we celebrated with Nanny and Papa H. and Mum for tacos and cake.

 Four days later...
 Our Mack turned 5!  This little boy has changed so much the last three years.  He is growing tall and can barley keep his pants up.  He is so handsome and snuggely-I heard boys were this way with their moms, but now I am living it.  He loves going to preschool and being one of the oldest kids in his class.  He calls his preschool writers workshop and is learning everyday.  His passion for engineering amazes me.  I watch him in everyday events with his inquisitive eyes looking to see how everything works.  We have been engaging him with activities to answer his questions.

 Mack's birthday was also the first day of school and my first day of my school!
 Which meant I didn't get to be with him the whole evening because I had class.  I had such guilt, but in the end he was surrounded by Nanny and Papa H., his daddy and his siblings and they all waited for me.

 Then we had a joint party the following Saturday.  Thank goodness they agreed on a Paw Patrol themed party.  Both sides of the family attended and a few friends.

 Mum and Papa came early to bring their presents.

It's really hard for Lincoln at this age to sit through all of he gets a few presents too.

 Mack's gift was a success!s

 They had a pool party.  Kids swam, ate pizza and ran around!

 I ordered Mack's cake and Aunt Sarah made Avery's cake.

 Opening presents was a little crazy with two going at once.  I think next year we will "try" and not have gifts.

I adore this picture.  Mack and Cohan are so sweet together and Lincoln is always right there.  He is their only boy cousin.

My mini me.

 There was lots of cousin love!

Happy birthday sweet kids.  I love you past beetle juice and no matter what.