Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Okay...I swore I wouldn't try to everything, but soccer is so fun!!!  All Avery talks about is Hip Hop dance! I had to get her trying something else...AND we could do this with both her and Mack. Mack struggled a little, but not Av. She was the rule follower right by the coach! 

That's Avery sitting and listening!
Oh wait! Are they holding hands? Yep! Such sweet siblings-we were behind the glass, so this was all them. Avery even helped her friend when she was crying!
We love it!! We both love sports and soccer was a part of our families....again, another little dabble to something new. It's will be interesting thus Saturday since they were off last weekend!

Here is One Boy Who Needs to Celebrate

Mack's actual birthday was on Saturday-the same day as the party, so we made Friday his day!
I can't seem to get ahold of my emotions right now. Here is one little boy who needs to celebrate. His eyes have seen things that no little boy should ever have to see. He has felt pain that no little boy should ever feel and he has had life experiences that shouldn't happen to anyone! The definition of strong in the dictionary states everything this boy is! This (almost) full year of being 2 has been hard. Now we are going to celebrate being three and bringing us a normal three year old life!

We have been bogged down with Mack's sickness! This is NOT who he is. He is a funny little guy full of energy. He loves his siblings and will play with them all day! Everything his big sister has, he wants! His true passion is trucks, trains and cars! Mack can make any toy into a dumping matter for his trucks! Mack is one rough boy...too rough at times!  Seeing him at school has opened my eyes.  He was beyond ready for school.  He had one minute of sniffles, but otherwise had been a very independent guy.  I see him on the playground and he waves, but carries on in the huge sandbox. I strongly believe he needed school.  He needed to feel normal-not in a hospital.  He has been there for four days and his lab numbers JUMPED!!!  Huge!!!!  I have to thank his teachers and my school for letting him have this amazing opportunity!!

Happy birthday Macklin-you have brought this family the most joy.  In your own little way, have shown us how precious life is! I love you!

On his special day, I again, had to work.  So, his Nanny came and picked him up.  He couldn't go somewhere like Chucky Cheese, so they headed to the mall where he had lunch and played at Barnes Noble-they have a Lego table and a train table.
We wrapped presents and made a special brownie cake

He had so much fun...
That he just can't stay awake!!!
The morning though, we did give him one special present!  His Thomas Train Tent!!  It's a huge hit!

 This is his tent connected to Lincoln's tunnel
 That night Nanny and Papa H. came over for pizza and Mack ran to their car because he knew there was a bike for him!!!!  Thank goodness Nanny wanted to get that for him!!!

 Sure enough he got a Cars bike with a tool kit.  They all like to play with it!

 Oh there behind Mack is the Skid Loader-the smallest piece of equipment that was in our yard for the party.  He was in awe when that was dropped off!

 Then it was time for cake!

 Attempt for a family photo...

Mack, these are the days I will cherish FOREVER!  The love I have for you will be forever, but these little moments will go so FAST!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 4 Year Old...

It happened. Another year has gone by and our one and only little girl turned 4! How can it be so emotional?

It's like she grew up over night.

I have this little buddy now who says things that blows me away. She has ideas I didn't think a four year old could have-she is so smart! Not only is she smart, she is so kind! She has the biggest heart and takes care of her favorite boys-her brothers.  She has started preschool and has blossomed.  It used to be awful to leave her and now she has a few sniffles and goes out to be an independent girl.  Avery started soccer this past weekend, but is begging to dance again.  We as parents feel she should dabble in everything.  I am so proud of this little girl she has become and even more proud of how kind she is to others-but don't worry she can still stand her ground.  Happy 4th birthday to one of a kind.  Avery, I want to remember every second with you!!!  It's so fun to have my little girl!

 Her actual birthday happened to be my open house at school.  That was ALL day.  I got to see them all when they came to visit their classroom.  Since it was going to be a day without her, Mark and I arranged for it to be a very special day.  We made sure to give her present when she woke up (which happened at 6:45-a little pink flutter danced past our room, singing, "it's my birthday!" She was all dressed to start her day)

 The doll house has still been a huge hit!
 Then she got to have pedicures with nanny and lunch with Papa H. at Chucky Cheese!  Not only did she have all of that...Mum drove in to spend the night with us!!!  What lucky kids I have!!!!
 Avery got her own "Ipad" (it's a leap frog) it's a hit from Mum and Papa!  They also got her darling new clothes for the new school year.  Mack loved to help his sis.

 We had a pasta dinner-requested by the birthday girl!

 It was a party-Meme came to dinner and gave Avery a cute frame for her room.
 Then, after dinner, we went outside for another present...

 Since last Labor Day when she stayed with my parents (we were away), she has been begging to a have a big girl bike-pink, with a basket, and a bell.  She was 'kind of" in a bike race.  Well, her dream came true!

Nanny and Papa H. had it outside for her.

 Then it was back inside for cake!  What a busy evening!

These are the pictures sent to me from her adventure during the day:

Avery is one special girl who deserves to be spoiled rotten!!!  Happy Birthday Avery!!!!