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Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Few Days at Disney!

I hadn't been to Disney since I was 15 and it had been a while since Mark went.  It is huge!  It is bright!  It is amazing!  It's everything I remember it being-magical.
I realize my children are probably too young for this huge (expensive) experience, but we couldn't resist the opportunity given to us by my parents!  Now looking back, I think Avery and Mack will have these memories for a lifetime AND it's a good foundation for more trips back.  Plus, it was the time with family that will also be in their memories.  We can't thank Mum and Papa enough!! 
My parents were very excited to get to share this experience with all six of their grandkids.  We all got there a few days before my brother and his kids-there was no way we could wait for them to get there...Avery and Mack talked about the castle for months!  So off we went, we headed to The Magical Kingdom...
MeMe came with us to help-Lincoln got to come for two days

They lit up when they arrived and it just so happened the show in front of the castle was in process.
Avery grabbed her outfit from the stroller and put it on!  She was so precious and in awe of all the princesses.

Did I mention how HOT it was?  Our kids did great with it, but we needed to go into the air conditioning for lunch and cool down a little bit.  It felt great and Lincoln took his nap, but we learned how expensive the food was that day.  The next few times we packed our own sandwiches! On a side note: you can bring in your own coolers with your own food-they are very accommodating to this.  It was also nice to feed them while waiting in lines.   

Right after lunch, we were lucky to get a front row seat for the parade.  Now, Avery and Mack were terrified of the Easter Bunny and Santa, but here they were high fiving every character that walked by.  Mack sat and waved the whole time-even Lincoln had the biggest grin on his I said it was MAGICAL!
After the parade, we ran over to wait and meet the princesses and lucked out on the line.  Avery and Mack got to meet Rapunzel, Aurora, and Cinderella! 

Mack wouldn't go up to any of them though

My parents had taken Lincoln home for some swimming and we continued on until about 5:00 that evening.  The biggest hit of the trip was the Tea Cups.  Mack would laugh so loud!  That is all he will talk about now.  After our first day at the parks we noticed how many germs were around and took Mack's paperwork up to guest relations.  They were able to give Mack, plus six people, a fast pass-he got to ride the tea cups 5 times!!  With no lines he was able to enjoy much more at the park!

We didn't have much time at the house, but when we did, we tried to relax!  Disney is busy!!
More to come later...

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