Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Six words

The post below has been one I've been talking about.  What a simple blog post! Simple, yet very powerful. I read a lot of blogs from other moms and they all make me think, but this one reminded me of my kids. It's so easy to get busy and give quick responses to kid's actions-that's so great or that's so cool!

Avery is really into picking out her own outfits-I'm glad she's independent, but it's usually something that I wouldn't pick out. On Thursday I went to her room to get her clothes, on the floor I saw a pair of sweat pants, long sleeve shirt , socks, undies, and a hair bow. I quickly looked at it and thought, it's going to be 80 degrees today! So, naturally I picked something else out...wrong choice! She was heart broken and noticed immediately! "But mommy I already picked my outfit out!"
It totally threw our morning off!! The next day I was walking up the stairs and walked into her room-she was picking out a bow. She was fully dressed...again it was something that wasn't great for school, but after reading this I simply stated, "Avery, I love how you got yourself dressed this morning!" She lit up! I am learning to let it go and let her have ownership over what she does.

It's from moms like this that remind us of the simple things.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Farm Showcase

After soccer practice on Saturday morning we headed to a farm showcase put on by the University.  The kids had a fun time and there was so much to do!  It was really crowed this year-I think more and more people have realized how cool this place is.
Avery was worried about finding her friend!
This was the only thing we did this weekend because they have all come down with a cold (or it could be allergies).  We shall see how Mack does with it...I will add that Mack had good numbers last week.  We are about a month away from Mack's one year mark of being sick! 
A cold can't stop them from playing outside at home:

 I would NEVER EVER EVER think I would say this, but it's so sad watching Lincoln chase them...all three always want to ride the power wheel.  I thought, "heck no we teach them to share!" but as time has gone on and I see how much they use this, it might be time to get another one-or maybe Santa can bring it!

 Our neighbors came over and we had S'mores!  Everyone enjoyed roasting marshmallows.  Avery claims it made her feel better! 

 This is a happy kid! 
Happy week to everyone!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lincoln Finally Gets a Chair

If you could hear the screams coming from Lincoln when the other two got into their chairs, you to would want to get him one.  Aunt Molly came and was determined to have Nanny get him one!  The day finally arrived last Sunday....
 Every Friday night we have pizza and watch a movie, but since we had a carb load for Mark we switched it to Sunday.  Nanny came over early and surprised Lincoln with his chair.

 He still like to bother the other two with their chairs, but now we can tell him to get into his chair!

We are complete!  Thank you Nanny and Papa H.!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Times

Last week I was a little bummed about Mack, so it was nice to have a weekend with family. We spent the entire weekend outside! On Friday evening we headed to a state park. The kids loved all the stairs to hike up and the adventure of finding caves! We found one and became interested in bats! We have been looking at pictures of bats and searched outside in the evenings for bats.


It was the most perfect weather! We stayed until dusk and headed home to have a carb load for Mark-he was running in the Tough Mudder race the next day.

Saturday, we had a play date with some great friends at the park.  The kids love venturing to all the beautiful parks we have!

Then we hit up ANOTHER park on Sunday!  I was going to run while Avery rode her bike, but instead we all went as a family around the lake.  Avery loved ringing her bell as we passed people.

Mark went out with a friend on Monday, so the kids and I decided to explore our far back yard.  Mark made the coolest path for the kids to ride their dump truck!  This day we decided to run/walk it and play a little hide and seek.  We are very lucky that friends bought the land behind us and have opened the fence.  This allowed some new adventures in a wide open field.  Avery had no fear (I fear snakes).  Cooper has enjoyed tagging along.  I wish it would stay like this forever, but that's why seasons are so nice-so you can appreciate them as they come. 

Whenever we drive into a neighborhood Avery asks, "Is this a neighborhood?" We tell her yes and she goes into a long explanation about how she wants to move to a neighborhood and how we have lived in our house too long-like 6 months!!  These conversations are hilarious (just like when she tells me she is going to have 10 babies when she turns 6)
  I used to think this too, but looking at how much fun we have outside, there is no way!  I explain to her all the things she wouldn't be able to do-like using the restroom when your in the middle of playing outside:) and driving the dump truck all over. 
I hope she starts to see how lucky they are to have all this land!  Not sure where the whole "we need a new house" thing happened (that might have been me complaining!! haha)