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Friday, February 15, 2013

We Made It Home for a Special Day


 I totally understand Valentine's Day is a silly holiday made by the card companies, but I don't care and I am all about sharing my excitement with my kids.  To me this day adds pleasure to the long winter months.  This year it only meant more to be home and share love with each other.
But we might have gone a little over board...
It was our first night to sleep in our own beds in a week.  Everyone went to bed right away, but they all woke up REALLY early, so we embraced it and started with heart shaped toast.  Plus their gifts from Mum and Papa-which happened to have a lot of candy in it.  This in turn, allowed them to have candy at 7:00 in the morning.
Since we were gone for a week, I had to do some running around.  When I got back to meet Mack's nurse, a special delivery came from a special guy.  My husband/their daddy loves to give us special deliveries on this day.  WE ALL get super excited!  Mark, you did great this year.
Not a good picture-I was trying to get them all together...not so much.

The kids got these and Meme (our nanny) and myself got flowers.
It didn't end (I know crazy, but for what they have all gone through it added enthusiasm). Mark got home from work and we gave them our gifts.

Lincoln only wanted in the other bags.
Then the door bell rang...
and Nanny dropped off more presents.  This turned into a living room full of (more) toys.

It was a exceptional day and I'm thrilled we got to be home together to celebrate.  Mark and I even made some time for each other by putting them to bed early and enjoying a nice dinner alone.  It was the first time in a while we could talk about what we have just gone through.

I don't have much to update about Mack right now, expect for it's been hard.  He is tough to handle right now with all he's gone through, but thankfully from the help of our family and Meme, we are getting some breaks.  The shots are the worst part, but we got word yesterday his white blood cell count is up-because of the shots.  This is a little celebration and makes the pain of holding him down to give the shot a little easier.

Now, I'm off to take Lincoln to the doctor-I think he has an ear infections.  It never ends, but yesterday was fun and we all got to sit back and be together! 

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