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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Path

When we started this day we had completely different emotions running through us.  We felt we were embarking on a huge adventure of a Bone Marrow Transplant.  We thought when we were saying goodbye to our friends and family we were going to be gone for a really long time.  We thought our lives were going to be on hold for a month...or more.

Then within an hour we learned Avery nor Lincoln were a Bone Marrow match!  This took us by surprise at first and we immediately thought they would search the national data bank, but we were wrong.

When we were waiting for the results of Avery and Lincoln we were told his white blood cell count was too low to try the medicine, but when they didn't match he re-thought this. 

The medicine approach goes like this (I am not a medical person, so I might not be explaining this right):
* We got to come home today and get things in order.
*We go back to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for a transfusion of blood and platelets.
*On Friday morning he will go under and a surgeon will insert a central line.
*Then the process starts.  This process will be similar to Chemotherapy, but the medicine is different and he won't lose his hair.
*They will be giving him three different medicine once a day for 4 to 5 days in the hospital.
*He will be watched carefully for side effects.
*Then we can go home.

This sounds to good to be true, right? isn't guaranteed to work, but DOES have a 75% success rate!!!!  That is big and we are hoping and praying Mack fits into that statistic...HE WILL!!

We won't see immediate results.  This medicine will clear his system to allow his stem cells to heal themselves.  Over time (months) they may start to work on their own and produce his white and red blood cells as well as platelets.  This will mean months of transfusions for blood and platelets until it happens.  I am glad he will have a central line in because getting poked that often is awful!

We want this little boy...

At the hospital this morning
 To get back to this...

That is the most current I'm off to get our family ready for a little trip.

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