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Monday, October 31, 2011

Just a Whole Lot of Watson Family Time

This past weekend we had a lot of family time with the Watson side. On Saturday we finally had the privilege of having our nephew Cohan over! We had been planning this for a while and were very excited to see him-since there is so many family members in town, we don't get him very often. They are all getting older and have started to play together-It's great to see! We played outside most of the time and then came in for dinner and baths.
I always wonder what they are thinking!
The tractor was out!
This is my view of Mack-he loves this thing.
Digging in the dirt.
Then every Sunday we have dinner together. This weekend it was in celebration of Papa H's birthday. Avery jumped right in the kitchen.

She and Mack ate a lot of muffins!

This is all three of them showing us how to do somersaults and push ups! Pretty funny!

Just a whole lot of Watson Family Time!

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