Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Back

This weekend we jumped in the car and headed to the lake for my mom's birthday! I have the privilege to not work on Fridays so we were able to leave right when we woke up in the morning. When we got there, my kids had some alone time with their papa and gama (or mom-Avery calls my mom, mom because that is what I call her). She was hooked on her and wanted to help with everything! If you know Avery this is rare because she is always hooked on me-it was nice to enjoy more time with my little man!
I had time to make my first real apple pie! It was yummy and fun to make while my parents played with Mack and Avery.
They spent a lot of time outside!

They made cookies and tried to feed the ducks, but the ducks weren't around.
Late on Friday night Brent, Sarah and the girls came. When Avery woke up she had her cousins all around her! It was nice because they can all share a room and go play on their own. Hopefully this summer Mack will be joining in!

He loves his Lucie! She always feeds him!
Mark arrived on Saturday afternoon so my mom, sister-in-law and myself headed to Spa Shiki for a some pampering! We felt it was the best of both worlds-we got to be with the kids and have a little down time away:) Facials are a must (thank you dad/papa!!!)
While we were gone papa created a feast. We had huge steaks on the grill-we fed the kids first and put them down so the adults could eat on their own. You don't realize how nice it is to sit down for a whole meal until you get to! Gama got lots of nice presents. Especially her fancy boots!
Everyone was pretty tired on Sunday morning, so I thought we would just head back, but then I looked outside and saw this:
So we stayed and had a roast with smores to top it off.
I can't believe we could eat outside on November 6th!
Then we took some family photos with the beautiful leaves!
This is my favorite picture. Even if she doesn't really understand that a new baby is coming, she loves to sing, hug, and touch the new baby. I hate taking belly pictures, but I couldn't resist this cuteness!
Family time at the lake is completely different with the new house-the kids (all 5) have so much more room to run and explore. This is the month to really think about everything you are thankful for and I can say we are so thankful to be surrounded by family on both sides! Family members are what will fill our lives with memories. I can't believe my kids already have 4 cousins with another one on the way-looks like they will get to have what I had growing up except they live A LOT closer to them. I hope to give them as much time as we can, so when they get older these are their best friends!

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  1. I adore these photos.You all are the cutest family and are just going to be cuter when this next little Watson boy is in your arms!