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Saturday, October 1, 2011

It May Be Early...

But we had to head to the pumpkin patch as soon as it was October. Today was October 1st! Mark and I love being able to do these fun things with our kids. Uncle Jack and Aunt Meagan met us at our house in the morning. While we waited, Avery had to get some of her kitty love.Mack still loves his ride!When we got there Papa H. and Nanny were there with Cousin Cohan. Mark packed the Watson War Wagon-which if you are planning on going to the pumpkin patch we highly recommend!The feeding frenzy began as soon as we got there (Mack, not the animals:)) It doesn't help that Nanny comes fully stocked with food!He loved the hay horse, but didn't stop eating.
I am not sure the goat should be eating this...
I love this picture! Our two boys (luckily Mack has Cohan because all his other cousins are girls)
And of course I love this one too! They are so cute together!
We took a hay ride, but I had my zoom lens on and everyone was too close to take many pics.
He found his pumpkin
Since his first steps, he wants to be on the move-that is, when his food is gone!
Just a cool picture!
Family photo opt!

Look who's a scare crow!
No interest here-he slide into the bottom where it was easier to get to the food in his cup holder:)
Avery thought it was pretty funny.
Yep, my husband did it and Jack is only making it worse by thinking it's cool!
These goats were aggressive! They wanted their food!
So, it may be early, but the pumpkin patch is a must with little ones-I think the adults might have liked it more!

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