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Friday, October 21, 2011

Soon We Will Be a Family of Five

Today we learned we were going to have another baby boy! I read in the doctors office, "Because we thought boys were so fun, we decided to have another one" and thought that was pretty funny. Mark and I couldn't be more excited! And even though Mack and Avery are so little they can sense the excitement in our house.

At thirteen weeks the ultrasound technician predicted/guessed a GIRL...this is what I have held on to and Mark did as well. I had a weird feeling that I shouldn't get attached to the idea because they can be wrong (my friend was told a boy and she is having a girl). I think I can speak for Mark that we are glad to be surprised! Our family is growing and what an exciting time. I feel this baby more than the other two and after seeing him in an ultrasound I know why. The lady was shocked to see how much he was moving. We go for another ultra sound next week to make sure he has a strong heart-this is what we had to do with Mack since Avery was born with heart issues (she is fine now). I am excited to see him again!
We still have a long way to go and A LOT of planning to do, but for today we want to take in this new exciting news...
Soon we will be a family of five with two boys and a little girl!

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