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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My TinySuper Hero

Mack received this cape from a special fiend-Dr. Meghan!  She is someone VERY special to us.  At the time Mack loved it and ran around the house.  I shared his cape and displayed his cape, but never looked any further into his cape. 
Then, I received an email from the woman who started these capes...
This sparked my curiosity about who they were.  I liked them on Facebook and now get all the pictures of kids in their capes-ones that look much sicker than Mack.  I never thought to send them a picture because honestly, he doesn't look sick!  To be very honest there were some pictures that I had to quickly scroll through and thought (in a crazy sick world) how lucky we were.
I saw they were going to be on the Today Show!  I watch the Today Show everyday-it has to be on right at 7:00.  It must be from my childhood-thanks mom!
I thought we should send them a picture of Mack in his cape the morning of and wish them luck.  It was sent in a private message...
That afternoon, the lady who started this organization wrote me back stating, "I love him!" within a minutes his cute face was on their Facebook page- it said Superhero Macklin from Missouri!  I loved seeing him support such an amazing organization.  He has also received a FROG from another sweet friend-Forever Rely On God...I HAVE to get his picture with his frog and send it in.  Just because he doesn't look as sick as others, he is, and people have sent him these signs of happiness, hope, inspirations, or to just put a smile on our little man's face.  I need to do a better job of sharing how much it all means to us.
Mack had an appointment on Wednesday.  All good news-they are happy with his progress.  His numbers are up again.  If he stays at these numbers for a while (maybe 6 months) his tube might come out.  We get to have blood drawn every other week now instead of every week.  He will have to be on his medicine-for the least amount of time-2 more years (here goes the fighting with the insurance company!)
The most amazing news of all...
Because of Mack's success with his gummy medicine, other kids are getting to have this experience.  He will never be 100 percent like other kids, but he will be close and his experience has made him a true super hero-paving the way for other little munchkins going through horrible experiences.  We need to spread the word about this medicine and let other families know there is something better out there!

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