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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Has Arrived Again

Fall has arrived and it's the best time of the year to get my husband to go away on the weekends.  To the lake!  We hit our first weekend a week ago (really?  This week went really fast!)
Yes, a whole week ago we headed to the lake.  It was a fantastic weekend.  We had such a relaxing time with the five of us and then were able to carry that over to Watson side of the family.  There, we met up with cousins, Aunts, Uncles and a special Nanny!

 They danced!
 In the past, it has been known to be stressful with 5 kids under 4, but (and maybe I'm the only one) I thought it was so fun!  The kids are getting older and can play with each other.  Mack and Cohan played so nice together-it was amazing to see him get to bond with a boy cousin.

 Ireland didn't like the flash-she is one cute little bean!!!!
 Then...the family got to see the real LINCOLN!  I can talk about it all the time, but until you see him in action, you can't believe it.  He saw the opportunity to dominate his Aunt Meagan.  Ireland was playing and he jumped on!

 This lead to much more rough housing than some would want! Haha
 Mack decided he had enough!  He went to the bedroom to watch a movie...a little later Avery found him...
 and then Cohan joined in!
Fall has arrived and my hope is to spend a lot of time snuggling by the fire down at the lake-hopefully with lots of cousins!

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