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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Part 1

Thursday marked our first night of the Halloween festivities. Avery woke up so excited! After work we got them dressed up, went to dinner with friends and headed to Stephens College (my current place of work and my old stomping grounds). Every year they have a Safe Trick Or Treating event in the dorms. This year it was different. They had games, snacks and lots of college girls giving them attention in the big ball room. Then, outside there were girls ready with their trunks open for Trunk Or Treating.
This whole event was one I wished we could have shared with more friends-it was awesome!!!! We stayed until 8:00 (so late in the kid world) needless to say they had to miss school the next day! Partly because we have a busy weekend and they needed to rest up.
I never liked Halloween, but oh my I do now! It was a blast getting them ready. I sprayed Avery's hair with glitter, put blush on her cheeks and lipstick! So fun!!
There were ladies from the education program so the kids liked seeing friendly faces!
The boy's outfits were a little easier, Mack was a race car driver and Lincoln got to be the sheep dog they have all been! He hated it, but once he got all the girls giving him attention, he was happy. And he learned to find candy EVERYWHERE!

Meme showed up to see them!
Buddies from the preschool class!

Miss Amelia-a LONG time family friend was there! We were so glad to see her before she graduates and moves away to New York!
This is when my phone died...

Tomorrow they are going to another event with their cousins and a sleep over! Tonight we are resting so everyone is ready!

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