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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Last year we loaded up to go to the pumpkin patch only to find they weren't open until later that day.  We thought oh well next weekend...little did we know that was when Mack got sick!  So, we never got to take a trip to the pumpkin patch.  I thought that was how this year was going to go-since we planned it last weekend.  It just so happened (because the Cardinals won!) my parents were heading to the lake.  They said they would stop by and Mark and I thought it was the perfect time to do an unplanned trip to the patch!
 It was a little chilly, but we went after naps and since they have been sick all week it was nice to get some fresh air!  It was funny when my parents saw the adventure of the Pumpkin Patch-My dad thought we were just going to pick out some pumpkins.  Nope, this is an event!

 I love this picture!  They are all following Papa!

 Lincoln is more attached to my mom than any of my kids.  He goes to her over me!  But with that attachment comes the responsibility of him.  Ha!  He is a handful!

 He was the only one that wanted to hold the bunny-I was a little frightened at first...he isn't the too kind to animals, but his face is so sweet.  he took this job seriously.

 We did have to force him to let it go.  Then the other two jumped in.

 He loves the attention!

 Below is Avery from two years ago on the same horse.

 Hayride with the boys.  Avery wanted to do the maze with Mum and Papa.

 Lots of photos opportunities-except they won't put down the popcorn!

What a fun evening.  Avery said she was going to pick out the biggest pumpkin and Papa made sure that happened.  It's huge sitting on our front porch.
It makes my heart happy we could squeeze it in this year.  I am thankful my parents got to go with us-they were first timers! 

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