Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

Summers are always very exciting around our house. This means I can be a stay at home mom for a few months. I can't wait to enjoy some time with my family and not stress about anything else! This will be the first summer in three years that I'm not pregnant (It's not going to happen again!).

Last Thursday was my last day of work, so I decided to bring Avery with me and let her have a feel of what it will be like going to school next year.  Here she is ready to go with her pack back-which consisted of food and her blanket.  I know it's pretty sad to see Mack in the background watching her.  It was worse in person because he was trying to get ready and leave with us.  There was no way I could have gotten any work done with both.  Mack will get his special day this Thursday with his cousin Cohan.

Avery did great, she sat with all the big girls and let them drag her around the playground.  She didn't care if I was around.  This is amazing to see with her since she is always so shy and sticks to me.  This day she was the opposite.  She even refused to leave with Miss Emily after lunch.  I can't wait to have her in the preschool right across the street from me a few days a week next year.

After a long weekend at the lake, today was our first real day of vacation.  It has been great to relax around home and catch up.  I was trying to clean, but every time I turned around there was another mess.  It made me re-think my priorities (like the quote on top of my blog) the cleaning will always be there.  I have to admit it's easy to get preoccupied with "choirs" around the house and I am not one to "let" the cleaning go...
How could I resist taking these three outside for some pool time?  We ate outside and I made myself sit down to just be with them!  My family is big on saying, "this too shall pass."  Yes some days I want it to pass, but when it passes I will miss it so much.  My mom and I were talking about that this past weekend.  I don't want to not remember-I want this time to stop!

For now School's out for Summer and I am going to do my best and focus on them!  Oh and that annoying thing called working out!

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