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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Kick Off To Summer

There is so much I want to say about this past weekend. First, I didn't realize the amazing memories we were creating for our kids until I sat back and looked through these pictures. I am a stress ball constantly! It stresses me out that I stress! And when I stress and worry about the little things I am missing the great things.

I always write about how special family is to Mark and I and sometimes we don't always feel we get to spend time with all our family. Everyone is different and everyone feels family is different, but to Mark and I family is each other, our children, our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Yes close friends are amazing and we couldn't be who we are without them, but your family is something that should be cherished. We are probably the luckiest because we have both sides close to us and we get to balance our time with both.  As I stated in a previous post, this summer is about slowing down and being with our family.

The lake is a place to do this.  This past weekend we stayed at my parents place.  I went down early Friday morning, so my kids could see their cousins... 
Now looking at these pictures all I could think about were the times at the lake with my cousins.  It was always crazy and someone usually got hurt (Avery dropped a weight on her toe and smashed it), but we always had so much fun.  These four (and soon to be six-when Gretchen and Lincoln get bigger) are making memories together!
On Sunday we took them on their first boat ride of the year.  Lincoln was asleep below so I only got these two.
The water was really rough and people were really rude, so we took them to my parent's pool.  I don't have pictures from that, but we didn't even leave the pool until about 2:00.  They were having so much fun and didn't care about how tired they were.
Then we had a dinner outside-might have been a bit too hot, but as you can see no one cared!

This little face says, "Aunt Sarah, stop taking my picture!"
Then it was time to have a dance party!
Uncle Mark entertained them for hours that day.  He was having fun and letting off some steem!

Lucie told my mom a secret at the end of the weekend and said, "Uncle Mark is a rock star!"  I may not agree all the time, but realizing how much he does I might have to agree with my niece this time:).
I'm pretty sure I should enter this picutre somewhere!  He was trying to put his head with the girls!

I looked over and without any prompting or anyone watching, Lucie had gotten Avery on her lap and they were snuggling together.
There were some not so fun times this weekend-like the toilet overflowing, the lift not working correctly, and maybe the boat acting up, but what was crazy to see was how everyone came together to fix it.  I just received an email from my dad stating the same things I am saying here and even though he threatens to get rid of the lake place when things go wrong, there is no way he would get rid of these times!
I wish everyone saw family as important and we do, but I guess they are missing out!  We can't wait for more adventures at the lake this summer!

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