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Friday, May 18, 2012

Giving a Little Thanks

I have to give thanks to my sweet friend Lindsey! Once again she has given her time to come over and cut my kiddos hair. She doesn't understand how great this is for us-no salons and no mom and dad haircuts:)!  Lindsey is a teacher with me and just loves to cut hair-we are lucky for that!

It was a fun evening after work-we were able to have some wine with our other friend Leslie and have a little adult talk (there is always someone wanting your attention).  

Both kids sat on the stool with their suckers and let her cut away. Mind you this was Avery's first hair cut (she will be three this August). There was no better person to do it! Avery watched the last time Lindsey cut Mack's hair and took it all in. This time we had to build it up for about two weeks before I could tell she was ready. I know it sounds silly, but I didn't want it to be a fight.

Thankfully, Mack was an old pro. He did get a little edgy towards the end and wanted to get up, but that was expected for a 1 1/2 year old.

(our camera was out of BATTERIES!!! REALLY? So these are from Mark's phone)

I wanted to cut it shorter, but I think Mark was a little hesitant-maybe next time.  The curls bounced right up!

So the Watson family would like to give a whole lot of thanks to our wonderful friend Lindsey!!!!!

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