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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Happy Mama's Day!"

As Soon as I woke up on Sunday, my sweet Avery said to me, "Happy Mama's Day!  It was a great mama's day filled with my three little munchkins.  As much as this day is a "card" holiday, I will take it!  Three years of pregnancy will do that to you!
We ended up spending the weekend in St. Louis with my parents because my mom and I were attending my cousin's wedding shower.  When we got there on Saturday Avery was happy to work on some drawings.  Mark and I took advantage of the time and took a nice run downtown-what a great way to run.
Then my mom and I took off for the shower.  It was a long drive, but such a nice time to really get to talk to my mom-seems rare these days.  Of course we also enjoyed some time with my cousin at a winery.  When we got back, my dad had made a huge pasta dinner (with my fresh noodles from my bounty box) and my brother's family was over.  Our two played so hard (not to mention they played hard the night before).  Here they are having a dance party!
The next morning we took our time and then headed over to my brother's house for a brunch cooked by the men.  Again, our kids had a blast playing with all new toys and their cousins.

Uncle Matt got some snuggle time in with baby Gretch.  She is such a cute little girl and climbs everywhere!

I'm pretty shocked we got all four girls.  Avery loves being with all girls (it's going to be the opposite at her house).  You can see their personalities in these pictures.
The kids couldn't wait to eat!  The pancakes were probably the best things I have ever eaten and I'm pretty sure they thought so too!

After bunch it was nap time, but of course they were all about playing first. 
Lincoln was a little sleepy
These pictures turned out great.  This truck was not out-Mack sought it out.  I like looking at these pictures because this truck was my brothers when he was a little boy.

I also think it's cool to see papa looking down over his grand babies!
This is pretty much the view all day while we got to sit down and chat.  After all this we packed the kids in the car and headed back to COMO.  Not even ten minutes into the ride and they were all asleep (even me!)

When we got home Mark's parents came over and brought an entire dinner with steaks.  I am very embarrassed to say that Mark and I didn't take one single photo!  I found this picture...which is what they were doing (minus Cohan) and plus a whole lot of wagon riding.  It was nice to be with both sides of the family in one day.  We were all pretty exhausted from the weekend, but glad to have had the fun.

I hope all the Moms had a wonderful Mama's Day!

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