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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traveling with Children

Avery and I are headed to Arizona to visit my best friend Tara and her little boy Carter! This will be Avery's third time to travel on an airplane. One of those times being over to Europe! We are by no means experts, but we have learned a lot in the last two years. I read an article on the plane one time expressing the importance of travel with children. Here is another article about traveling: -This article breaks it down like this:

-Start them young-Avery was three months old
-Take is slow-there will be lots of stops for food and diaper changes
-Be FLEXIBLE-in you head things are a lot different then they may turn out
-Strike a Balance-do kids stuff and adult stuff
-Reap the benefits-be a family!
We do not not have a lot of money and have been lucky to go to the places we have! We see the benefits for our children-to see places and get their hands in things!
It's most important to be prepared for the actual travel part. When you get there it is easy to have fun and reconnect as a family. I have included some pictures of the BEST things to travel with.
Of course always remember their security-Avery's happens to be this Baby Zoobie blanket (Mack has one as well)

Have you heard/seen of these? A Trunki! All the grand babies have one. You can actually have your child sit on top and pull them through the airport. This is filled with all their toys!
With all Avery's allergies we carry one of these-it has her special lotion, soap, and creams in it.

Another life savior-a portable DVD player! They have all those 5 dollar movies at Target or Walmart-stock up!
Here is her back pack where we can also store books, paper and crayons and of course...
FOOD! My mom always tells us how important it is to bring food and we learned how important this was over in Europe. This is small compared to what we brought with us last time.
Go Go Baby! This thing is great. When you have car seats to carry, get one of these! You strap their car seat to this and can carry them through the airport and it acts as a stroller. Then you can bring it right up to the door of the plane where they will gate check it-when you get off it will be waiting for you.
We will post pictures of our time in Arizona-until then enjoy the weekend!

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