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Monday, July 18, 2011

Looking for Something New to do in Columbia Missouri?

Mark and I got to partake in another 'once in a life time' experience! On Sunday we drove to St. Louis for a kid free night to enjoy U2. It was so neat to see and we had a great time together! I had to include some pictures from the night, but my main point of this post was to introduce a new adventure in Columbia.
We went with a group of 20 and luckily had air was the start of another heat wave. We were also celebrating Sarah's birthday!
Amazing stage!
While we were gone these two got to experience fun with Nanny and Papa H! Nanny spent the night!
We left St. Louis super early in the morning, so Mark could go to work and I could take the kids to JEFFERSON FARM. Since we moved in they have been working on this cool farm up the road and we heard it was supposed to be like Grants Farm in St. Louis. We don't have a zoo here in town, so what an exciting thing for this place!Jane was already here and then Aunt Meagan, Aunt Heidi, and Cohan came over to go on our new adventure. This is Cohan raising his hand because he is ready to go the Jefferson Farm.
First we had to have a photo session on the bed
Ready to go!
First, when you get there you pay (children under 2 are free) and then you get on a golf cart to take a tour
After looking at their cool garden (HUGE GARDEN) we got fish food and fed the fish. They loved watching the huge catfish
Mack loved it too
Avery even went to Aunt Meagan to have her help-big step!
These three are so cute together
They have animals you can pet as well. A horse, cow-with baby, chickens, sheep and a goat
We didn't catch Cohan
Haha Mack
And Avery
Smell the beautiful flowers
We tried hard to get these three together
So, if you are looking for something new to do in Columbia, Missouri Jefferson Farms is the place to try. You can even bring a picnic and have lunch on their beautiful land. All their food that they grow is donated to Central Food Bank. It's a learning farm for college students as well as little children. We loved it and can't wait to go back when the weather gets cooler!

Here is their website with the hours and events

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