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Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 2nd...Almost the 4th!

Every 4th of July (since Mark and I have been together) we have a party. This year however, we knew it would be too much after our trip to Italy. Instead we headed to the lake. My mom picked us up on Friday afternoon and we are staying through the weekend. I knew there were going to be a lot of pictures so I wanted to start posting them before they got to be overwhelming (like Italy)!
It just happens to be over 1oo degrees this weekend! So HOT! Being on the deck is only for a little while.
Avery loves Gama's Ipad-the funny hippo is her you notice the fleece PJ's? Yeah big mistake. Mark and I "had" to hit the outlet mall the next day to get cooler PJ's.The first day we walked into a restaurant to eat lunch (because they were showing our place) and Avery puts her hands out to the side of her and says, "where's papa?" No idea where she learned that, but it was her thing all weekend. She has been close to him this weekend (and Gama) which is so nice for me to spend sometime with my little man.Her other new thing this weekend have been boats. Loves to watch the boats, ride on the boat and yell, "BOATS!"Poor Mack, we have only girls in the family so his vest has purple on it. Not only that, but he can't move. That is how he stayed to whole ride over.

As long as she had her pretzels the boat was so much fun!

After we looked at our new lake house we headed to the pool. It was busy, but it was so hot it felt perfect. They had a holiday buffet so we stayed and ate lunch before getting back on the boat. We tried to get her to eat her little pieces of hot dog, but daddy's huge hamburger was what she wanted! We don't care as long as she is eating-these days she refuses to eat and is getting so skinny!

Mack couldn't handle it! He feel asleep by the fan...he woke up and then slept until 5:00 that evening! Then went to bed at 7:15!

When it's hot what should you do? Get the duck bath out, get them naked, and give them Popsicles! It was a perfect thing to do-thanks Gama for the idea!

This was before the duck-just hanging out on their rockers!

We should have much more pictures from the rest of this weekend. We move into the new place at the beginning on August, so there will be much more room for them to spread out. Can't wait!!!!

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