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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ice Skating on Christmas Eve

Two days before Christmas Eve we loaded the car and headed to my parents.  I wanted to have time to do some fun things with the kids.  First stop was the pool.  My parents live in a hotel and they have access to the pool on the roof top.  The kids love swimming and it keeps them in the water throughout the year.
I'm not sure why my camera was so fuzzy, but the next few pictures are not the best.  On Tuesday night we loaded the car and headed to the zoo.  The kids love to spot the Arch first!
The zoo is so neat this time of year.  They have music playing, hot cocoa ready, lights displayed, and story tellers.  Once we got in the zoo, and loaded them in the stroller, our experience was great!

The next day we were going to have the kids rest since Christmas Eve is a late night with my family, but then my brother asked if we wanted to go ice skating.  I have always wanted to ice skate in Forest Park and I was even more excited to take the kids.  Growing up in Chicago we always ice skated!  There were two ponds behind our house and the dads would snow blow them off for us, then the neighborhood would skate.  In my head it sounded like a fabulous idea!

Avery did great after a lot of time.
The boys gave up pretty fast! Lincoln was like a turtle on his back and couldn't stand up and Mack took a pretty hard fall!  This in turn lead them inside with snacks.
By the end, these four didn't want to leave...I was ready!  You get such a workout skating with kids!  My whole body hurt!
The atmosphere and time with family made it special.  Christmas music was playing and it brought me back to my younger years.  Hopefully we can try it again soon to keep them going!

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