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Monday, December 8, 2014

Kick off to the Holiday Season 2014

Family is a unique thing.  No matter where you are in life, they are always there.  We are reminded of this every time we get together with the family.  There is always someone to talk to and someone to give a hug when it's needed.  Life has been very busy/on the go/full of emotions, so when we had a weekend planned with my parents we were ready.

Friday night we drove to St. Louis to be greeted by three little girls awaiting their cousins.  The plan was to get them in their PJ's, drink hot cocoa, and watch the Polar Express, but it got really late and the movie wouldn't work.  They settled for Frosty the Snowman and some snuggles.

Avery is very lucky to have so many girl cousins who adore her.

Mack and Gretchen are only 6 months apart and have started to play together.

I love the pure joy in this picture!

That night all, but Gretchen, spent the night together.  It was cute to wake up in the morning with little people coming out of every room. I used to love spending the night with all my cousins!

The next day went really fast, and before we knew it, we were loading up to go see the rest of our family (minus a few).

You wouldn't even know you have kids at these events if they weren't running around with each other or you were chasing them down to eat.  It is a houseful of kids, adults catching up and LOTS of food!  Every year we say to not wait another year, and every year we seem to only get together on Christmas.

Each kid buys for each other and then they all open presents up together.

I love the feeling I have leaving weekends like this.  It's a reminder of how wonderful family can be.  Again, no matter who you are, what kind of personality you have, they always love you!

I am now officially in the holiday season!

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