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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving: A Year to be Thankful

The whole week of Thanksgiving I was SICK!  We had decided to have our first Thanksgiving at home and invited everyone to us.  I couldn't believe I got sick.  We had a fabulous time filled with memories, but I regret not feeling better to be with the kiddo full of energy.  Hopefully this will end in time for all the festivities about to happen!

It got real to me when I was asked what everyone should bring.  I had only thought about ordering the turkey-which I was able to do here locally and received a box full of fresh local side items!  Then flowers arrived from my parents!  It meant so much to me that everyone was so supportive and wanted to be here.
The kids helped with the table and made the center pieces!  My mom brought her silver and Avery put the napkins together! 
Nanny worked really hard to make a veggie and fruit platter in the shape of a turkey. 

We used a roaster to cut the turkey and it was finished fast.  My dad and Mark smoked two breast outside...we had plenty of food!

Avery and Mack were interested in the wish bone:)  

Mack received the bigger end!

We had Mark's aunt and cousin with us too.

Cooper enjoyed a lot of food!

As people arrived Avery was handing out tickets for her show.  She had us all sit on the stairs to watch.  There she sang and danced, then asked for audience support:)

It was a fantastic day and I learned how much work goes into a full Thanksgiving dinner.  I finally was able to write down my mom's recipe for her stuffing while cooking along beside her.  Everyone brought so much food and we tried new items.  Hopefully in the future it will be a lot more spacious with our new kitchen!

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