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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Eve into Christmas Morning

I found these cute pictures that I had to add.  Before we left town the kids had a little gift exchange with Meme.  We are so very lucky to have her in our lives!  The kids have missed her like crazy during this break.

Christmas Eve

It was our year to be in St. Louis for Christmas Eve.  We spent the days enjoying our time doing new things, so when the Eve of Christmas came, it was time to calm down and relax to relish in the evening and remember the true meaning of Christmas.  Our first stop was church.  We have been non-existent in a church in a very LONG time.  We joined my family at their new church-it was small and friendly and made me wish we had something like that.  My kids need to know more about our faith and develop a family within the church.  At that moment, I knew my new years resolution, to attend church and get the kids involved!  After the Christmas Eve service everyone ventured back to my parents house for our tradition of a sea food feast! 
Mum and Avery baked everyone's favorite cookies in the shape of candy canes! 
The kids waited patiently to open presents!  They exchanged gifts from each other first. 

Avery received a neat kit to make her own button hair ties!  Luckily Aunt Sarah taught her how to do it. 

We were able to keep them in their clothes to capture a few pictures:) 

We got a few of the cousins. 
And then the door bell rang... 
Santa came by to give the kids a train set-this kept them entertained while dinner was being made. 

Uncle Matt gave the boys these huge trucks.  Lincoln and Mack are used to sharing toys and Mack usually dominates them.  Lincoln was excited when he saw the truck, but nothing made me smile more than his reaction when he saw a second truck waiting for him!  It was pure joy! 
Since we leave on Christmas day and my brother's family likes to have their own Christmas morning, we open all our presents on Christmas Eve. 

After finally falling asleep around 11:30 (only because we were tracking Santa and he was almost at our house) he arrived.  They all woke up around 8:00 the next morning to more gifts from Santa.  This year they were so excited to see he had come! 

They can each find their pile by the first letter in their name. 

My kids are beyond blessed.  At times I feel guilty by the amount they receive for holidays and my hope is they appreciate it all and can be thankful.  Our new years resolution is off to a great start!  We have found a new church were the kids can jump right in.  It feels nice to know we have found a place where everyone seems happy.  Through this experience, I hope we as a family, can work to live a life that has meaning and teach our kids to always be grateful for all they have.  As a family we couldn't have had a better time in St. Louis!  Thank you Mum and Papa for a wonderful night filled with pure joy!  

After a big breakfast, it was off to celebrate with more family!

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