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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One of the Coolest Events

After our busy weekend with the family Christmas party, we spent Sunday together.  Mark and I took the kids swimming in the morning, then it was off to brunch with Santa and Fred Bird.

My parents got us all to go to brunch.  Not only was it pure deliciousness, the kids had so much to do.  They could get their face painted, create crafts, have a balloon made, and take a picture with Santa.  After their picture they received a Cardinal back packs and new jersey!

It was the first year they were excited to sit in his lap.  The actual picture shows Avery's face!
The kids ate so much!
Then we got a picture of all 6 of them for the grandparents.
Ballpark Village is so neat.  You can watch the games outside of the stadium!  The kids like looking out to the field. 
By far one of the coolest events we have attended.  Hopefully it will work out next year too!

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