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Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Eve at Home

The thing about blogging is if you get behind it's hard to start back up.  There are so many things I want to write about this new year, but that will have to wait until I get caught up about our Christmas Adventures!
It was our year to have Christmas at our house. I felt so relaxed knowing we didn't have to travel anywhere!  My brother was traveling to his in laws, so far we have been able to talk my parents into coming to our house every other year.  This was our third time trying it out and each year gets more exciting because the kids are getting older.  The good thing is our kids know Santa will find them wherever they are.

I guess I felt too relaxed because our Christmas cards got out very late! Like a few days before Christmas eve
Luckily we had an extra hand!

Christmas Eve started with an exciting letter from Prince. His job was done and gave us our annual family Christmas ornament-it was sad to say goodbye!  It became a routine to find Prince every morning, but his letter was sweet.

The day was spent getting manicures (Avery and I) and finishing last minute projects! I will have to share the job Santa did with Avery's new desk!

Then my parents arrived and the festivities began!

Mum and papa went a little crazy and completely spoiled our kids. There were so many presents everywhere! 

I was very proud of our kids for being grateful and still talking about the fact that it was the night before baby Jesus was born. Due to our family dynamics this year we missed church. I was sad, but we made sure to talk about the story to our children!

For dinner my kids got to enjoy both sets of grandparents! They love having them all together and seem to think its a norm-I'm so jelious they get this opportunity!

Then it was time for snuggles and getting ready for Santa to come! We left cookies, milk, a letter, and wine (Mark's family tradition:))

Uncle Matt even got some snuggles!

Once we got everyone to bed, Santa came and left a few gifts!

The night was filled with new traditions for Mark and I and celebration! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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