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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Adventures at This House

The new year brings new adventures.  We have hit the activities hard this year!
Instead of toys for Christmas, we have been thinking of activities for the kids.  They are getting older and spend a lot of time together.  It's good to get them around other children.  Mark's parents were thoughtful to get us a pool membership this summer-it's right down the road and the kids enjoy their time there.  It's a perfect gift for Christmas when the weather is so yucky.  We are thankful! 
My parents got Lincoln a membership to Little Gyms.  If you can tell by my posts, Lincoln has a lot of energy and needs to be around more people.  Little Gyms is perfect!  This was such a fun activity to do when I was working part time and got to go with Avery and Mack.  As much as I hate not being with Lincoln during this time, I know he will have the best time.  Thank you Mum and Papa! 
Mark's mom (Nanny) raised three boys and never got to go to dance.  Now that Avery is ready, she gets to share this experience with her!  Nanny got Avery her dance outfit and takes her to dance class.  We are very thankful for this and know it's a special time for the two of them.  Avery had her second class on Monday and seemed much more into it.  They are already learning movements and tried walking on their toes.  I love the place we have decided on!  Thank you Nanny!

And what do you do with the third child who is asking to go somewhere?  We decided to try out a gymnastic (gym) class.  Luckily his cousin Cohan was interested too! 
One of my college students (who teaches the class) has been telling to bring Mack because I was trying to find something that would be safe for him.  She had also worked in his classroom so she would be a friendly face.
Since Avery has dance on Mondays, Mark took Mack to Flipz.  The boys loved it...I guess we are signing him up!


I thought we had a few more years before we started so many activities, but it's hard to not get them all involved.  Right now Little Gyms is during the day and Mack and Avery are on the same night, but this sure does give us a glimpse of the craziness ahead.  Mark texted me tonight ,"I love this craziness and we will miss it someday."  This was after we all ran out of the house in different directions!
It will go fast!

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