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Monday, January 20, 2014

Boys Day Out

Lately our family has been known to have girl time and boy time.  Sometimes it's just what our kids need.  On Saturday Avery wanted to have mommy time-even if it meant going to three different stores.  We talked and spent time together.  Mark took the boys out to the farm where he keeps all his equipment and let the boys play a little...
I think they had fun!
Friday night Mark's dad called and offered him and Mack tickets to the basketball game the next day. 
During nap time Mark took Mack to the Mizzou Basketball game.  He got to go with his cousin Cohan and Uncle Scott.  So brothers got to talk while cousins got to play!
Mack had a blast and loved all the food he got to inhale!
These are the times to spend special time with them. 
Don't worry, Avery didn't mind because she got to have quite time with mommy.  We did Pedicures and Manicures together.

She loves her nails done!
Lincoln didn't miss a beat-he was napping during all these events.
This time last year we weren't allowed to take Mack out, so a basketball game was a real treat!  Thanks Papa H. for the tickets!

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