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Thursday, May 9, 2013

So Many Ideas

I know so many people are obsessed with Pintrest and I have been too.  In the past most of my ideas stay as ideas, but lately I have tried to put some things in actions.

This week we started this project:

This is our version.  We are starting with one this year and see how it goes.  It will be perfect for the kids and a great place for our tomatoes!  Avery was excited to have her own garden.
Here is another idea...not sure if it will come to life...

but our garden is!  We put our lettuce in and this weekend we will get the rest of our produce in the ground.  It has been fun working with the kids.  They are getting old enough to really help-plus they look at it as play!

Other ideas have come to life for my classroom.  Our playground is in desperate need of an up grade.  The students are working hard to add a butterfly garden and a rain garden.  We have the city putting in the rain garden for them, so we added this cool hop scotch idea to give them more hands on activities:
Then we built this Tee Pee!  This was a huge success and the kids were thrilled to work on it.  It will go in the middle of our butterfly garden and hopefully grow beans up the sides.  They are excited to play in it and eat off it!

Outside projects are my thing this summer.  I have found my passion and now that I'm not pregnant or have a baby, I have time to put my ideas in place!

Here a few more...  

These were a few items on our front porch that needed some sprucing up! I don't have before pictures, but the bench was white and falling apart. It's over 90 years old.

Thank you Pinterest!

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