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Monday, January 7, 2013

Why Fix Something When It's Not Broke?

Uggg... Another change...

Am I happy? Yes.

Am I sad that we are slowly transitioning out of the baby stage? Yes...No...

I am excited for our Mack to begin his transition into a normal size bed.  Like my title asks why fix something that isn't broken?  Mack LOVES his crib!  He refuses to have anything in his crib-no pillow-no blanket.  For a little boy that is almost topping out at 40 LBS it seems a bit uncomfortable. 
We decided this weekend we were going to buck it up and buy him a full size mattress.  Then, I was at the store to buy the rail and let him pick out his sheets and thought maybe we should start slow.
It's not broken, but since the hospital and his steroids, the kid wakes up SO early.  We are not used to this in our household and it's getting old.  He wants to come down stairs and lay on the couch with the iPad...ummm NO!  SLEEP!! 
So it's not broken, but there has to be a better way.  And here is where we decide to transition him to a toddler bed...
Just like when Avery got her new bed her brother was with her.  Avery wanted to be a part of his whole transition.  Mack was super excited to share.  He carried his new bedding around the entire time at the store.
I hope we can talk him into something a little more than Cars, but when you let them pick, you have to be ready for what they pick!
They are practicing for a sleep over.  I keep telling them the day is getting closer when they can sleep together.
Even though he has gone through so much...he is still a little two year old with lots of changes.
I have to add that this little man was participating the whole time!
Bye. Bye. Crib!  Now the Watson household only has one crib!  Yippee!!!  We went from three to one in one year!

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