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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Macklin Update

We have been hearing nothing but great news these past few months...then just like when it all started we were hit with a brick-again.

Mack has been bruising really bad the last few weeks. If he slightly hit something, it was a huge black bruise. I was concerned and talked to the doctors. They said to watch it and then this week they tested his platelet count. He dropped from 70 some thousand to 30 thousand. In a week. That is why we have noticed the change in him.

Before I go on, I have to add that we have amazing doctors surrounding us-some of the best. They personally call us every week! Not only do we have them, we also have our pediatrician and his nurse that we are talking to weekly. And on top of all of them, our friend who is an amazing doctor there in St. Louis, has been spending so much time on the phone explaining things even more in depth.

With this being said, we trust all of them and they all have done more for us then we will ever be able to express to them!

Because of them, we are able to step in and START OVER with Mack and his health. His liver enzymes are where they need to be, but we have stopped the medicine that brought his numbers down. This could be the cause of his platelets dropping- but it's not typical. We were told it's back to the beginning. Now his body might be fighting his platelets.

Due to the low platelet count, we were told to watch him. We were told to keep a two year old from bumping into things...easier said than done! If he bumped too hard we were looking at internal bleeding. Actually we were told to watch all forms of bleeding because it could start from anywhere.

We told our nanny this and I kept Avery with me all day at work to let Emily be focused on Mack. So, on Thursday when we were at work he slipped and fell on his Tonka truck! Mark rushed him to our pediatrician where he was checked out. He was fine, but I'm not sure we were or the doctors

The next morning the doctor from St. Louis called and said she didn't want to go into the weekend with the anxiety from yesterday. She wanted his platelets to be rechecked!

What a day Friday brought...waiting all day to hear if he was going to need an infusion or not. She called later in the afternoon to tell us he did drop, but not by much. It was then our decision to give an infusion. That was an easy NO! Now, we wait until Monday where he will be checked again. We go next Wednesday to meet with the hemoglobin team as well as our other doctors.

I am writing this to update everyone-it's much easier than sending a million text messages and phone calls. I'm also writing it out to write it all out. I'm in a haze-how do parents do this? The emotional roller coaster? We were all in such a good place- work was great, we were working out, making fun plans on the goes on. Now it's all at a stop! We have been trying to be positive through it all and have been holding it together. Now I want to do nothing. I want to be a bum. I want to be sad!

People ask how Mack is-he acts and looks fine! He loves to play and is even potty training through this! We're so close! Hopefully it's not back to the hospital. As you can see he is Mack:

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  1. Praying for you guys asking God for wisdom, strength, patience, and of course complete healing. It is totally OK to feel overwhelmed. Hang in there.