Cleaning and scrubbing will wait ’till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs! Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep. – Ruth Hamilton

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making It Work

I love my work schedule.  I am only away from the kids two full days and two half days (when their napping) with Fridays off.  This gives me time to be at home with them, but also keeps me connected to my love...teaching.  Some ask, "how can you be part time as a teacher?" 

Our school is very unique-we are a laboratory school on a college campus.  This lets me mentor college students, teach college classes and work in the classroom.  I love it!  At first I felt like I wasn't able to do both perfect (let me be clear...neither will EVER be perfect because life is not perfect. I got over that!) but since Lincoln is getting older it's all falling into place.  I was still going back and forth between wanting to be home full time.  Now, I know why I need that time out of the house!  Plus, it's easy to go somewhere when the people are my family-they have seen me get married, have babies and everything else in between.  When Mack got sick they were there for our family a lot!

Avery comes with me two days a week.  We get to spend time in the morning while she eats her breakfast in my classroom.  Then, I walk her over to her school and get to pop my head in every once in awhile-plus they have observation booths, so I get to watch her sometimes.  The preschool is amazing and Avery loves her teachers (special wink to Miss Taylor-she loves you)-plus I feel they give my baby extra attention.  More than most places would.  Next year Mack will be joining her and they will go full time...I hope.

We took a break while Mack was sick to help with keeping our house germ free, but it didn't seem to matter.  Since we have been back in our schedule, there has been no crying and she has even made a new friend.  Last Thursday she came home and wanted to practice writing her name.

I'm not sure why this year seems to be working better.  Maybe because I'm finally not pregnant and we have a better routine.  Or one of our Christmas gifts was a cleaning person!! Or our MeMe is amazing with our kids and they are happy.  Who knows, but we're making it work.

 Last week on Monday and Wednesday we started swim lessons-this has been a nice way to get Mack out of the house.  They both cried the first day, but the second day went well (not going to lie here, I had to bribe them with suckers:)).  I have to leave the pool area in order for them to focus and if everything keeps looking up for Mack, I hope to keep these up until the summer.

Since everything with Mack, we have also calmed down.  He is still getting blood work weekly because his white blood cells are dropping, but we are slowly getting of the steroids.  I can't wait for these to be gone!

My point of this post is, life gets crazy but when there is a Friday in January and it's going to be 60+ degrees...we get to go to the park with friends.  I have come to peace with my balance of work and mommyhood and we make it work for our family.


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